Live Ledge #212: New Releases

The beginning of each month means a show of nothing but brand new music. Tonight is no different, and even includes a couple of tracks from a certain album of pop covers by an acclaimed singer/songwriter. Take a listen and decide for yourself.
There's also a bunch of tracks from the Rock and Roll Manifesto's new free download, Thou Shalt Not Have a Record Collection That Sucks. Do yourself a favor and go grab it now from realpunkradio.
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1. Link Wray, Juke Box Mama
2. Ryan Adams, All You Had To Do Was Stay
3. Ryan Adams, Wildest Dreams
4. The Bottle Rockets, Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)
5. The Bottle Rockets, I Don't Wanna Know
6. Lucero, Baby Don't You Want Me
7. Lucero, Can't You Hear Them Howl
8. Tommy Stinson, Breathing Room
9. Tommy Stinson, Not This Time
10. Tommy Keene, Out Of My Mind
11. Tommy Keene, Last Of The Twilight Girls
12. Wavves, Heavy Metal Detox
13. Wavves, Way Too Much
14. Wand, Dungeon Dropper
15. Jacuzzi Boys, Happy Damage
16. Bikini Kill, Candy
17. The Blind Shake, Out Of Work
18. The Cramps, Domino
19. The Cramps, Twist And Shout
20. Le Butcherettes, Shave the Pride
21. Dirty Ghosts, Some Kids
22. The Intelligence, Sex
23. Wireheads, Boys Home
24. Faz Waltz, Kids Are All Wild
25. Giuda, Rave On
26. Dr. Boogie, Down This Road
27. The Jolts, B.K.K.
28. The Ex-Gentlemen, Judy is a Slut
29. The Stitches, Without You
30. The Nervous, Genital Panic
31. Miscalculations, Severing the Spine of Confidence
32. Keith Richards, Trouble


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