Live Ledge #213: Number Ten

A few months ago, I started a series of shows devoted to individual track numbers. Now that we're in October, it's only natural to do a show devoted to the tenth song from old and new releases.
In the midst of the show, I also came up with an idea for a future broadcast, and I need your help. Got any songs that are critical or dismissive of other artists? Let me know!
Grab this episode from the usual sources,


1. Big Star, September Gurls
2. No Direction, Where's the Beach?
3. Flag With Hank, What About Me
4. Rich Show, The Great Divide
5. Violet, Loaded Gun
6. T.Rex, Baby Strange
7. New York Dolls, Private World
8. David Bowie, Queen Bitch
9. The Rolling Stones, Shattered
10. Bash & Pop, Tiny Pieces
11. Chris Mars, Candy Liquor
12. Slim Dunlap, Ballad of the Opening Band
13. Paul Westerberg, Between Love & Like
14. The Replacements, Little Mascara
15. Crash Street Kids, Monday Morning
16. Soul Asylum, Long Way Home
17. Hüsker Dü, Powerline
18. The Suicide Commandos, Premature
19. Fidlar, Stupid Decisions
20. OBN IIIs, I'm Done  
21. Uh Bones, Bottle of You
22. Jaill, Pointy Fingers
23. The Ramones, Listen To My Heart
24. The Damned, 1 of the 2
25. The Jam, Boy About Town
26. The Buzzcocks, ESP
27. The Clash, The Guns of Brixton
28. Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant
29. The Heartbreakers, I Love You
30. Radio Birdman, New Race
31. The Muffs, Every Single Thing
32. Sleater-Kinney, The Last Song
33. The Velvet Underground, After Hours


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