Live Ledge #227: New Releases

The first Friday of every month is a new release show, and sometimes it's hard to find enough recent releases to fill an entire show. One would think a February show of this type would be one of those rough months, but it ultimately was one of the easiest. If the quality of January's releases is any indicator of the rest of the year, then 2016 is going to be a fabulous year for music.
Obviously, I spent some time with the Paul Westerberg, Juliana Hatfield collaboration, The I Don't Cares. But there's a number of other great albums put out the last few weeks, including new music by Lucinda Williams, Javier Escovedo, and Ty Segall, along with great reissues by The Long Ryders and Dwarves.
As always, you can grab this show via Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. Ought, Money Changes Everything
2. The I Don't Cares, Born For Me
3. The I Don't Cares, Wear Me Out Loud
4. The I Don't Cares, Dance To The Fight
5. Lucinda Williams, Doors Of Heaven
6. Preacher Boy, Blister and a Bottle Cap
7. Javier Escovedo, Downtown
8. The Long Ryders, Six Days on the Road
9. HINDS, Garden
10. Bruise Violet, Sketchy Jeff
11. Dressy Bessy, Lady Liberty
12. The OhNos, The Curse of Kim Gordon's Shoes
13. Ty Segall, Californian Hills
14. Ty Segall, Diversion
15. Night Beats, Power Child
16. Night Beats, No Cops
17. Choke Chains, Safe Word
18. Choke Chains, She Collects Calendars
19. The Madcaps, Too Big For Your Boots
20. The On and Ons, Long Ride
21. Muscle Car, The Wrong Way
22. Muscle Car, Long Way Down
23. Dwarves, Love Makes Me A Monster 2 (Alternate)
24. Dwarves, I Wanna Kill You Boyfriend (Alt.Version)
25. Bad Kids, Rob Zombie
26. Bottlenose Koffins, Drunk Girls
27. Pleasers, Judy
28. Sloming Moops, sister bop
29. Bent Shapes, 86'd In '03
31. The Sound Reasons, Til The End Of Time
32. The Volcanics, Not What You Say
33. The Grinning Ghosts, Duller than Death


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