Live Ledge #249: Track 7

The last year or so, there have been ocassional shows featuring only certain track numbers. With July being the 7th month of the year, it  completely makes sense to have a "Track 7" show.
Some may think that the seventh song on a record wouldn't be one of the stronger tunes. Those people would be wrong. Except in the CD age, track seven was more often than not the first track on the second side of a record. Of course that song would be something spectacular. What's great, though, is that while it's a strong tune it's rarely one of the overplayed singles off a record.
So here's slightly more than two hours of "track sevens". Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! grab this from the usual online sources, or...


1. Ron Wood, Seven Days
2. Cheap Trick, Clock Strikes Ten
3. New York Dolls, Bad Girl
4. David Bowie, Star
5. The Plimsouls, A Million Miles Away
6. The Replacements, Bastards Of Young
7. Paul Westerberg, Eyes Like Sparks
8. Bash & Pop, Fast & Hard
9. Beach Slang, Young & Alive
10. The Hold Steady, You Can Make Him Like You
11. Hüsker Dü, Dead Set On Destruction
12. Sugar, If I Can't Change Your Mind
13. Bob Mould, Lucifer and God
14. Superchunk, Learned To Surf
15. Pow Wows, Going Dark
16. King Tuff, Magic Mirror
17. Wand, Floating Head
18. Nude Beach, For You
19. Lydia Loveless, Verlaine Shot Rimbaud
20. The Girls!, Mesmerize
21. The Pretenders, Stop Your Sobbing
22. X, Sex And Dying In High Society
23. Dinosaur Jr., Repulsion
24. Archers Of Loaf, Fat
25. Bad Religion, Infected
26. The Lemonheads, Luka
27. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Head On
28. Pixies, Monkey Gone To Heaven
29. The Ramones, I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
30. Sleater-Kinney, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
31. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Goon Squad
32. Wreckless Eric, Property Shows
33. The Jam, Billy Hunt
34. The Saints, Kissin' Cousins
35. The Clash, London's Burning
36. Sex Pistols, Seventeen
37. The Buzzcocks, I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
38. The See No Evils, Hooked On The Buzz


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