Live Ledge #251: More Songs About Other Artists

I'm a dope. I did an entire show dedicated to songs that name other artists in the title, and I forgot the most obvious pics. How could I possibly plan a show like this without "Alex Chilton" by The Replacements?
So here we are with another two hours of these types of songs from the likes of Uncle Tupelo, Lucero, Wille Nile, Supersuckers, David Bowie, and many, many others. I hope you enjoy this little program. Grab this, as usual, from either Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. The Cigarettes, Paul Westerberg
2. The Replacements, Alex Chilton
3. The Replacements, Johnny's Gonna Die
4. The Replacements, Somethin' To Du
5. The Hold Steady, Stevie Nix
6. Uncle Tupelo, Acuff-Rose
7. Uncle Tupelo, D. Boon
8. Uncle Tupelo, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?
9. Wilco, Wilco (The Song)
10. Lucero, Went Looking For Warren Zevon's Los Angeles
11. Drive-By Truckers, Danko/Manuel
12. Nils Lofgren, Keith Don't Go
13. Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, I'm Gonna Dig Up Howlin' Wolf
14. Mojo Nixon, Don Henley Must Die
15. Wesley Willis, Jello Biafra
16. Wesley Willis, Urge Overkill
17. Minutemen, Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
18. The Gun Club, For the Love of Ivy
19. The Bussworks, Rolling Stones
20. KIEFF, Kieff Richards
21. The Prime Ministers, Ron Wood
22. The Bad Companions, I Liked Hank Before You Did
23. Dead Strangers, Link Wray
24. Dead Strangers, R.A.M.O.N.E.S
25. Latte+, Johnny Ramone
26. Bad Kids, Rob Zombie
27. Vic Godard, Johnny Thunders
28. The Bermondsey Joyriders, Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being
29. Tomorrows Tulips, Quiet Riot Grr
30. Hard Girls, Eddie Vedder vs. Jack the Ripper
31. Supersuckers, Ozzy
32. Family Fodder, Debbie Harry
33. Willie Nile, When Levon Sings
34. David Bowie, Song For Bob Dylan


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