Live Ledge #275: The Incident In Sweden

I think we all know where we were the moment we heard about the incident in Sweden. It's such a tragic event, especially given that we still don't know exactly what happened. We feel for all of those for what they've had to endure for the past week.

Tonight's show is a telethon of sorts for our lovely Swedish friends. Since the members of ABBA have yet to be found, there's a short tribute featuring artists as diverse as Sid Vicious and Wilco covering their biggest hits. There's also plenty of the great garage rock bands of the last 40 years, including The Nomads, Hellacopters, The Hives, and so many more.

I really hope that this show is a little light in an otherwise dark time. Show your support by listening via Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. The Contras, S.O.S.
2. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Fernando
3. Evan Dando, Knowing Me Knowing You
4. Wilco, Waterloo
5. Sid Vicious, Take a Chance On Me
6. The Meatmen, So Long
7. The Yayhoos, Dancing Queen
8. Blackstrap, Winning Speech
9. Sahara Hotnights, On Top Of Your World
10. Ebba Gro¨n, 800 grader
12. The Hellacopters (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
13. The Hellacopters Thanks For Nothing
14. The Hellacopters What'd Ya Do?
15. The Hellacopters Gimme Shelter
16. The Nomads, Have Love Will Travel
17. The Nomads, (I'm) Out Of It
18. The Nomads, Hard To Cry
19. The Nomads, Miles Away
20. Union Carbide Productions, Glad To Have You Back
21. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Where's The Rock?
22. Backyard Babies, Everybody Ready?!
23. The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Dustbins Of History
24. The Hives, Walk Idiot Walk
25. The Hives, Main Offender
26. The Sounds, Song With A Mission
27. Shout Out Louds, Please Please Please
28. The Backdoor Men, Out Of My Mind
29. The Wylde Mammoths, Help That Girl
30. The Sonic Walthers, No Lies
31. The Sinners, When She Lies


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