Live Ledge #308: New Releases

Who knew the musical riches we'd get to enjoy in 2017?? I certainly had no idea that even as we come close to finishing up the year there are more and more great records coming out.

This week's new release show is dominated by the veterans. Billy Bragg is back with new music, as is The Professionals, the post-Sex Pistols band led by Paul Cook and Steve Jones. Superchunk has a new single, and former Fall guitarist (and ex-wife of leader Mark E. Smith) Brix Smith Start has unveiled the debut record of Brix & The Extricated.

Of course, there is also some new bands that we check out this month. Flat Worms, Patsy's Rats, The Obnox, and Frankie and Witch Fingers are great new finds, and one of our listeners treated us with new music from his band, Gun Jr.

As always, grab this anywhere that hosts great podcasts, including Stitcher and iTunes, or...


1. Matt Mays, 78's, 33's & 45's
2. Billy Bragg, The Sleep Of Reason
3. Billy Bragg, Why We Build The Wall
4. Brix & The Extricated, Pneumatic Violet
5. Brix & The Extricated, Damned for Eternity
6. Husker Du, Data Control
7. Husker Du, Sunshine Superman
8. Husker Du, It's Not Funny Anymore ÿþS 2017 2:12 S 0
9. The Replacements, Bastards of Young
10. Beach Slang, Androgynous (Quiet Slang)
11. Ian Dury, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Demo)
12. The Jam, So Sad About Us (Demo)
13. The Jam, In The City (John Peel Session)
14. The Favourites, Angelica
15. Superchunk, Break the Glass
16. Superchunk, Mad World
17. Patsy's Rats, Roundin' Up
18. Patsy's Rats, Is It Alright? 
19. Flat Worms, Motorbike 
20. Flat Worms, Pearl 
21. The Professionals, Good Man Down
22. The Professionals, Going Going Gone
23. CJ Wildheart, Tea Leaf 
24. Stereophonics, Cryin' In Your Beer
25. Gun Jr, Loose Canyon
26. Gun Jr, Autumn Rose
27. King Khan, Born in 77
28. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Doomed
29. A. Savage, Eyeballs Thawing
30. Night Shop, Your City
31. Obnox, I Hate Everything


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