Live Ledge #310: More Stuff

Last week's odds and ends show was so fun I figured I'd do something similar this week. It's a good time of the year to go back and check out some forgotten records, so why not air my findings?

But there are some little minisets sprinkled throughout the show. There's a long set devoted to recent releases from Castle Face Records (Flat Worms, Male Gaze, POW!, etc.), and another lengthy set of bands that made great comebacks this year (Cock Sparrer, Suburbs, etc.). Another fun 15 minutes or so consisted of nothing but tracks submitted by Facebook friends (Forty Nineteens, The Routes, Gun Jr).

As always, grab this from any and every place where quality podcasts are found, or...


1. The Main Grain,s Teenage Kicks
2. Scott H. Biram, Red Wine
3. Son Volt, Back Against the Wall
4. Ron Gallo, Young Lady You're Scaring Me
5. Mark Sultan, Knock On Wood
6. Half Japanese, Wherever We Are Led
7. The Suburbs, Hey Muse!
8. Cock Sparrer, Gonna Be Alright
9. Wire, Short Elevated Period
10. T.S.O.L., Sometimes
11. The Godfathers, Miss America
12. Flat Worms, Motorbike
13. Male Gaze, If U Were My Girl
14. The I.L.Y's, Quietly Being the Best
15. POW!, DNS
16. Blank Square, Empty Head
17. Damaged Bug, Bog Dash
18. The Forty Nineteens, And Such And Such
19. The Forty Nineteens, Easy Come Easy Go
20. The Routes, Something Slipped Through My Window
21. Gun Jr, Loose Canyon
22. The Velvet Illusions, The Stereo Song
23. The Interrupters, On A Turntable
24. The Menzingers, Midwestern States
25. The Masonics, Your Dangerous Mind
26. Guinea Worms, Girl Scout Cookies
27. The Regrettes, I Don't Like You
28. The Buns, You're Kidding
29. Midnite Snaxxx, Quit Being A Dick
30. Bash & Pop, Unfuck You
31. CJ Ramone, Girlfriend in a Graveyard
32. Bleached, Turn To Rage
33. Meatbodies, Kings
34. Black Lips, It Won't Be Long


Unknown said…
Thank you for playing our Stereo Song, recorded at the legendary Sunset Recorders. We were just teenagers when we made our music. We worked our butts off, 7 days a week. I sang lead on 3 songs, and left the band before Stereo Song was recorded. The guy playing guitar on that record, instead of me, was Roland Bautista. He later went on to be a long-time member of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Play some more of our cuts!

Randy "Jimmie James" Bowles
Velvet Illusions Survivor
Seattle, WA
Scott said…
Hey Randy, thanks so much for your comment. Picked up that Velvet Illusions record on a whim and love it! I'll definitely play some more in the near future!
Unknown said…
Thank you for your reply, Scott. The great www didn't let me know you had replied. Check YouTube for four new Velvet Illusions videos. One guy made videos of Town of Fools and Stereo song, and actually used film footage to make creative videos. Most videos are actually "audios", with just one photo.... Another guy has made two original covers of Acid Head and Town of Fools. They're both really creative, especially Acid Head. His teenaged daughter adds vocals on it.

Please check out our FB Page, "Velvet Illusions Fans".

Unknown said…
I'm not sure I ever saw your reply, Scott. Thank you for doing that. I'm glad that whim paid off for you!

I still play. Last month, I got to do a 3 hour show (solo) featuring ALL 80's songs. It's amazing how similar many New Wave songs, and Velvet Illusions songs, are. I had a great time, and so did my audience, because they're used to me being a folkie or folk-rocker. I did U2, the Police, the Cars, Cyndi Lauper, Springsteen. It was too fun. I spent 5 weeks, 6 days a week, learning the 3 hours-worth of music. -- Reinvented at a mere 69 years of age. :)

Please check YouTube. There are 3 very new cover versions of our songs, by the Vandoperians, and there are 2 new videos featuring our recordings, that have actual video footage, and not just a static shot of our album cover. They're by Ally Smith.


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