Live Ledge #318: Found Gems

I've quite often stated that I create my year-end lists in the hopes that people find something they missed during the year, and I also do the same. Over the last few weeks, I've scoured through dozens of these types of entries on blogs, twitter, Facebook, and other radio shows.

Tonight features just some of the great bands and albums I have found through this method. I must say that I'm shocked to find out that the Dead Boys reunited and rerecorded their first record on its 40th anniversary. Or that Elf Power is still together making great music. Or the very existence of amazing bands such as Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Baby Jesus, and Proto Idiot.

I hope you find these selections as great as I did. You can grab this via iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Shilpa Ray, Morning Terrors Nights of Dread
2. Susto, Hard Drugs
3. The Lees of Memory, Bring It Home To Me
4. Elf Power, Cycling Aimlessly
5. The Menzingers, Your Wild Years
6. Joyce Manor, NBTSA
7. Bomb Pops, Fomo
8. Rozwell Kid, Boomerang
9. Dead Boys, What Love Is (Rerecorded)
10. Richard X. Heyman, Chalk It Up
11. The Chinchees, Hey Boy
12. Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Away
13. The Stanleys, Amy
14. Dirty Fences, 911
15. Patsy, Tommy Bobby Johnny
16. The Singles, If You Want Me You Can Have Me
17. Tall Juan, I Wish I Knew
18. Mike Mikus, Electric Fetus
19. Jack Lee, Bigger Than Life
20. Eyelids, Camelot
21. TUNS, Mixed Messages 
22. The Black Watch, The All-Right Side of Just OK
23. Baby Jesus, Over and Over Again
24. The Maharajas, How Many Times?
25. The Riptides, Couldn't Care Less
26. Zex, Let Them In
27. Bullet Proof Lovers, Ain't No Joke
28. The Crazy Squeeze, Hard Livin' Man
29. Proto Idiot, Proto Paradox 
30. Lure Burke Stinson and Kramer, Chinese Rocks
31. Lure Burke Stinson and Kramer, One Track Mind
32. Half Japanese, The Face
33. Half Japanese, Why Not?
34. Trash Street, Fuck You Up


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