Live Ledge #341: East Coast U.S. & Canada 1978

The series of Live Ledge episodes devoted to 1978 has been eye-opening. I knew that was a magical year for rock and roll, but I never realized just how much legendary tunes were released. This is the 5th (or is it 6th) show of this type, and it contains music from the east coast of the United States, along with a half hour of classic Canadian punk.

It's quite a fun listen, and hopefully everybody discovers a track or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. The Cramps, Human Fly
2. Johnny Thunders, Lonely Boys
3. David Johansen, Not That Much
4. Mink Deville, Confidence to Kill 
5. Cherry Vanilla, No More Canaries 
6. Victims, I Want Head 
7. Tuff Darts, Here Comes Trouble 
8. Man-Ka-Zam, Happy World
9. Electric Chairs, Out of Control
10. Boyfriends, You're the One 
11. Shirts, Lonely Android
12. Come On, Disneyland 
13. Helen Wheels, Room To Rage
14. Senders, You Really Piss Me Off
15. Crazy Jack & the Automatics, 21 
16. Willie Alexander, Dirty Eddie 
17. The Neighborhoods, No Place Like Home
18. La Peste, Better Off Dead
19. Spike, A Bitch Is A Bitch 
20. The Shirkers, Drunk & Disorderly
21. Korps, We Are The Only Real People 
22. Budguzzlers, Weak and Strong Man 
23. Da Moronics, Mr President
24. The Fingers, Isolation 
25. The Crowd, Modern Machine 
26. Ebeneezer & The Bludgeons, Oh I Love This Weather 
27. Critical Mass, Silver Screen
28. Ed Nasty & the Dopeds, You Sucker
29. Skinnies, I'm a Dullard
30. Normals, What Do You Think of the USA
31. Stroke Band, Fiction Non-Fiction 
32. DOA, The Prisoner
33. Battered Wives, Freedom Fighters
34. Rude Norton, Gilligan's Island 
35. Forgotten Rebels, Angry
36. Pointed Sticks, The Marching Song
37. Subhumans, Death to the Sickoids
38. Simply Saucers, I Can Change My Mind
39. The Dishrags, I Don't Love You
40. Teenage Head, Ain't Got No Sense


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