Live Ledge #383: New Releases Pt. 1

So far, this has been a remarkable year for music. It seems like every month I have way too much new music for my monthly new release series, and this month is no exception.

In fact this month there is so much worthy new records that tonight's show is part one of a two part summer new release extravaganza. And both this week's and next week's show go past the scheduled two hour mark.

This episode also marked the beginning of a new series, tentatively titled "Mailbag Mix". (Yeah, I need something better.) Over the last few weeks a number of new albums have shown up in both my physical and online mailboxes. Tonight's show features a couple sets of these type of discoveries, along with sets devoted to the kindness of Otto Records, Rum Bar Records, and Spaghetty Town Records.

Beware, though, as there is one cover song that's a bit frightening. Why this has been allowed to happen I don't quite get. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Bikes, Friday night
2. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, If Only I Could Fly Backwards in Time
3. The Rank Outsiders, Willie
4. Justin Townes Earle, Ain't Got No Money
5. Leeroy Stagger, Broken Generation
6. Superchunk, The First Part (2019 Acoustic)
7. Nick Lowe, Love Starvation
8. Peter Perrett, Love Comes On Silent Feet
9. Stray Cats, I Attract Trouble
10. Wreckless Eric, Strange Locomotion
11. Wreckless Eric, Creepy People (In The Middle Of The Night)
12. The Woolly Bushmen, What Yer Doing to Me
13. Titus Andronicus, Tumult Around the World
14. Pavid Vermin, Jump Jive and Fail
15. Pavid Vermin, I Don't Wanna Be a Ramone
16. Geoff Palmer, All The Hits
17. Brad Marino, Broken Record Baby
18. Freeloader, Ten Songs Make an Album
19. Genya Ravan, Don't Go In The Bathroom
20. The Walk Offs, Going Mellow
21. The Thigh Scrapers, On The Radio
22. The Guillitones, Somethin'
23. Jeremy Porter, Second Thoughts
24. He Who Cannot Be Named, Good Fuck
25. Lucy And The Rats, Stick To You
26. Local Drags, Plot Holes
27. The Sweet Things, Dr. Crazy Girl
28. UkePunk, Eat The Rich
29. The Beatersband, Baby I Love You
30. Bambies, REd GuiTar
31. The Sissies, Good Intentions
32. Mike Love, Rockaway Beach
33. Eagles of Death Metal, Beat On The Brat
34. LATTE+, Hey Hey It's Dee Dee's Birthday Today
35. CJ Ramone, Waitin' on the Sun
36. Cherry Pickles, I Still Miss Lux
37. Danko Jones, I'm in a Band
38. The Mystery Lights, I'm So Tired (of Living In The City)
39. The Wood Floors, It Isn't True
40. The UV Race, Act Like them
41. Bat!, Tainted Love


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