Live Ledge #396: RIP Kim Shattuck

When news came out this past Wednesday that Kim Shattuck had passed away after a two year battle with ALS it was immediately clear that the planned "new release" episode for this week needed to be postponed. Kim Shattuck has always been one of my favorites. She had the greatest scream in all of rock and roll, whether it was with The Pandoras, The Muffs, The Beards, or The Coolies. From all accounts she was also one of the good people in rock and roll. A badass for sure, but the nicest badass you could find.
Tonight's show celebrates her entire career, from early recordings as bassist in The Pandoras up to a track from a brand new Muffs album, No Holiday, that Omnivore is releasing in two weeks. There's also segments dedicated to her work in The Beards and The Coolies, collaborations with other artists, covers of her favorites that she recorded, and a few Muffs songs covered by other artists.
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1. The Muffs, A Lovely Day Boo Hoo
2. The Pandoras, Run Down Love Battery
3. The Pandoras, Like All the Other Boys
4. The Pandoras, It's Getting Harder All the Time
5. The Muffs, I Need You
6. The Muffs, Lucky Guy
7. The Muffs, Red Eyed Troll
8. The Muffs, I Wish That Could Be You
9. The Muffs, Like You Don't See Me
10. White Flag, Don't Give It Away
11. The Beards, True Confessions
12. The Beards, 1000 Years
13. * The Coolies, Uh Oh!
14. * The Coolies, Blueberry Crumble
15. The Muffs, Kids In America
16. The Muffs, Brand New Chevy
17. The Muffs, You Can Cry If You Want
18. The Muffs, Changes
19. Kim Shattuck, You Make Me
20. The Muffs, No Action
21. The Muffs, Rock & Roll Girl
22. The Muffs, Beat Your Heart Out
23. Zeros, Beat Your Heart Out
24. The Del-Lords, The Cool And The Crazy
25. Wayne Kramer, Junkie Romance
26. Redd Kross, Jone Hoople
27. The Leftovers, Get to Know You
28. The Andersons, Symbiosis
29. Fastbacks, Old Address Of The Unknown
30. The Dollyrots, Some Girls
31. The Queers, End it All
32. Nofx, Lori Myers
33. Kepi Ghoulie, This Friend Of Mine
34. Bowling For Soup, I'll Always Remember You (That Way)
35. Off With Their Heads, Big Mouth
36. all dogs, Every Single Thing
37. Pinkloop, Sad Tomorrow
38. The Automatics, End It All
39. The Incredible Casuals, Honeymoon
40. Angelo Celli, I Wish That I Could Be You
41. Silver Sun, I'm A Dick
42. Huntingtons, Big Mouth
43. * The Coolies, Glad I Met You


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