Live Ledge #397: New Releases

Tonight's new release show is the broadcast that was planned for last week. In fact, it's the exact set of songs that were put together before the shocking news about Kim Shattuck caused me to quickly put together a tribute to the fabulous Muffs leader.
So this month's new release show includes a lengthy set of Americana-ish veterans (Charlie Parr, Pernice Brothers, The Figgs, Wilco), Suicide-esque atmospheric punks (Atom, Rocket 808), female rockers (Baby Shakes, Paranoyds, Sweet Knives), covers (Dirty Nil, The Pretty Flowers, Das Clamps), and lots of good ol' rock and roll from new and veteran artists.
I also talk a little bit about the great show I saw earlier this week. The Cowboys made a stop at Total Drag Records, and as I'm known to do at these types of shows I purchased their entire discography. Or at least what they had with them. Great band and a fun show.
After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge, Turn me on Deadman
2. Charlie Parr, Twenty-Five Forty-One
3. Pernice Brothers, Skinny Jeanne
4. The Figgs, Paolo the Alto
5. Wilco, Everyone Hides
6. Twin Peaks, Laid In Gold
7. ATOM, No Future
8. Rocket 808, Motel Pool
9. Apache, New York Attitude
10. Possible Humans, The Thumps
11. Baby Shakes, Cause a Scene
12. Ex Hex, What Kind of Monster Are You?
13. The Paranoyds, Face First
14. The Brassieres, Marie Curie
15. Desert Sharks, Dating?
16. Vivian Girls, Your Kind of Life
17. Sweet Knives, Ugly Mugly
18. Foxhall Stacks, Turntable Exiles
19. RÃ¥ttanson, Small Venue Concerts
20. Nick Nuisance & the Delinquents, Resentful
21. The Hussy, Coast
22. Richard And The Young Lions, It's a Cry'n Shame
23. Wives, The 20 Teens
24. Tiger Army, The Past Will Always Be
25. TV CRIME, Neo Waltz
26. The Cowboys, Pie in My Eye
27. The Cowboys, Hands of Love (Around My Throat)
28. The Cowboys, The Look On Your face
29. The Cowboys, Mint Condition
30. A Bunch Of Jerks, Dirt Nap
31. Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin on Guitar, Boston (My Home Town)
32. Indonesian Junk, City Lights
33. The Dirty Nil, September Gurls
34. The Dirty Nil, The Kids Are Alright
35. The Pretty Flowers, Heart Of The City
36. The Pretty Flowers, Don't Cry No Tears
37. FOXY, Bondage / Cliché Mash Up
38. Das Clamps, Goo Goo Muck
39. Los Pepes, Automatic
40. Real Tears, Dumpsterdivin'
41. The Manikins, Everything's Shit (Without You)


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