Live Ledge #401: UK Punk Oct - Dec 1979 Plus More

Through the course 2019 there has been a series of shows devoted to looking back at the great music released 40 years ago. Tonight's latest in that series documents the punk singles and albums released in the UK from October to December of that year. These tracks include veteran acts such as The Stranglers, The Damned, and others, along with early releases by The Vapors, Joy Division, Killing Joke and others.
But the centerpiece of this anniversary special celebrates one of the greatest albums of all time. December 14, 1979 saw the release of The Clash's third album, London Calling. There's no denying it's greatness from beginning to end. In fact, it's my second favorite record of all time!
Besides these fabulous UK tunes, the last half hour of the show jumps over the border to some 1979 highlights from Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France. Ok, maybe one of these selections isn't technically from 1979 but I'll take any opportunity to play "Teenage Kicks".
Tonight may end our look at the 1979 UK punk scene, but it's not the end of our series of shows devoted to that great year. Next week's show will feature tunes from all over North America. However, since I have already done a Midwest 1979 show you can expect the vast majority of tracks to come from both of the coasts. Should be a lot of fun!
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1. Art Attacks, Punk Rock Stars
2. Carpettes, I Don't Mean It
3. 999, Lie Lie Lie
4. Shag Nasty, Looking For Love
5. Fall, Your Heart Out
6. Nips, Vengeance
7. Vapors, Prisoners
8. Killing Joke, Wardance
9. Stranglers, Nuclear Device
10. Joy Division, Transmission
11. Arthur 2 Stroke, Jacques Cousteau
12. Hornsey At War, Anti-Ego
13. Now, Into The 80's
14. Damned, Melody Lee
15. UK Subs, She's Not There
16. Xtraverts, Police State
17. Armed Force, Popstar
18. Accelerators, Popguns & Green Lanterns
19. Stiffs, Inside Out
20. Pop Rivets, Empty Sounds
21. The Clash, London Calling
22. The Clash, Death or Glory
23. The Clash, Spanish Bombs
24. The Clash, Lost in the Supermarket
25. Undertones, Teenage Kicks
26. Stiff Little Fingers, State Of Emergency
27. Rudi, The Pressure's On
28. Androids, Bondage In Belfast
29. Moderns, Go To Have Pop
30. Rousers, Magazine Girl
31. Lost Kids, Skrid
32. Perverts, Ronka
33. PVC, Waiting for Worldwar 3
34. Strychnine, Ex-Bx


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