The Ledge #414: New Releases

I consider the February new release episode of The Ledge to be the first real episode of the year. Sure, the January show had quite a few 2020 releases but it was dominated by 2019 leftovers. This episode, with a few exceptions, are the fruits of the new year.

This show features quite a few of the first major new albums of the year, such as the latest by Beach Slang, The Supersuckers, and Drive-By Truckers. There's also a great musical twist with the new Black Lips album, and a few single releases by bands such as Twin Peaks.

The real highlight of the broadcast, however, may be this month's Rum Bar Records set. This is a label that's on a roll, with a crowded release schedule that's as strong as ever. There's also a new home for The Ledge favorites The Forty Nineteens, who now find themselves on a fabulous up and coming power pop label, Big Stir Records. I'm hoping for more great music from that company in the future.

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1. The Outcasts, Rebel Rock Radio
2. Drive-By Truckers, Armageddon's Back in Town
3. Drive-By Truckers, Slow Ride Argument
4. Black Lips, Hooker Jon
5. Black Lips, Rumbler
6. Twin Peaks, Cawfee
7. The Cowmen, Liquor Store Liver
8. Whyte Horses, Badly Drawn Boy, Satellite of Love
9. The Rock 'N' Roll Kamikazes, Your Monkey
10. Supersuckers, Play That Rock N' Roll
11. The Forty Nineteens, Tell Me
12. The Forty Nineteens, It's For Fun (That's All We're Living For)
13. Anton Barbeau, Land Of Economy
14. Tommy Ray!, Good Luv-Gone South
15. Vista Blue, Three Chord City
16. The Sloths, Makin' Love
17. The Sloths, End of My Rope
18. Mojo Brothers, The Man
19. The Drain Outs, Shot Me Down
20. Muck And The Mires, Cupid's Not a Friend Of Mine
21. The RATBOYS, Everybody Loves The Ramones
22. Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out, One Less Step
23. Justine and the Unclean, Picking a Fight
24. Nat Freedberg, Ain't Nothin' Sacred No More
25. Red Mass, To Fall From Grace (Feat. King Khan)
26. Popular Creeps Detroit, Out Of My Head
27. The Sufis, Outta My Mind
28. The Speedways, Number Seven
29. Beach Slang, Kicking over Bottles
30. The Promdates, Beer Run
31. Datenight, Not Myself Today
32. Christmas Pets, Empty Space
33. BBQT, Fever Rocket
34. Hayley and the Crushers, Don't Wanna Be Like Johnny Ramone
35. ShitKid, Get jealous
36. Poison Boys, Out of My Head


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