The Ledge #556: More Miscellany

This week's show is once again a mix of old and new. There's quite a few brand new releases highlighted, accompanied by quite a few records that I've found myself playing in my free time. 

Which leads me to a question to my lovely listeners. For as long as I've done the show, the presence of "themes" has been a constant. Honestly, that's how my brain works best for picking music. It gives me a reason to air a tune. Even the monthly new release episode is basically a theme that's just like shows based on certain years or terms.

Lately, I have sort of abandoned the theme and played these kinds of old/new mixes. Part of this is that due to the fact that I now report a top ten playlist every week to the Radio Indie Alliance. I know I can submit any ten tracks I play but I've been paying even more attention to new music than usual.

So this is what I want to find out from you guys. Do you like these freeform type of broadcasts or should I revert back to having a weekly theme? The themes aren't going away entirely, no matter what anybody says. But should they become a monthly occurrence just like the new release show? Let me know by commenting on this post, or contacting me on the various social media platforms. Oh, and I need ideas on what to title these shows!

As for this week's edition of the "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks", I've got a nice little surprise from Rum Bar Records artist Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents. Jenny's version came out in 2013 as the b-side to her single, "Getaway", and the 50s pop/rock feel is a refreshing take on the punk classic. Thank you Jenny Dee!!!


1. Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, Teenage Kicks

2. Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, Bite Your Tongue

3. The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Fast, Fucked and Furious

4. Matweeds, I Can Feel The Fire

5. Continental, Hello

6. Slamdinistas, Cut Me Some Slack

7. Tony Valentino, I'm A Sexy Punk Rocker

8. Erotic Devices, Drink Before You Think

9. Bobcat, Smoke Show Girl

10. On, Take a Shot

11. The Shaggs, Shaggs' Own Thing (vocal version)

12. The Exbats, Mr. Bucky

13. The Muffs, Changes

14. Ume, Suffragette City

15. Quasi, Doomscrollers

16. Yo La Tengo, Sinatra Drive Breakdown

17. The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Light Is about To Change

18. Archers Of Loaf, Wrong

19. Green On Red, Hair Of The Dog

20. Mental As Anything, The Nips are Getting Bigger

21. The Clash, Clash City Rockers

22. Iggy & The Stooges, I Got a Right 

23. Nervebreakers, I Love Your Neurosis

24. The Almighty Defenders, All My Loving

25. The Jam, London Girl

26. The Hawks, Big Store

27. TV Eye, Stevie's Radio Station

28. Cult Figures, I Remember

29. Kepi Ghoulie, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

30. Kepi Ghoulie, I Remember You

31. Kepi Ghoulie, She's A Sensation

32. Metal Marty, Goddamn Divorce


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