The Ledge #568: New Releases (Pt. 2)

After last week's special Record Store Day edition of the monthly "new release" show, we're back this week with the more traditional type of broadcast devoted to brand new tunes. And, like usual, we're all over the place when it comes to genres. There's some great power pop. There's a little bit of punk. A tad here and there of garage rock. And, yes, there's some Americana. 

But it's not just the varied genres of the show. It's the fact that this music comes from all over the world. From Australia to Germany to Canada to even my little city of Sioux Falls, SD. Yes, the first set of the show is devoted to a trio of great local bands - The Rose Quarter, Thought Patrol, and Off Contact - all of whom have wonderful records that are eithier already out or about to be released.

As for the "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks", I have a cover that's almost 40 years old but is still technically a new release. The version by Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits initially came out on Stiff Records in 1985, but it has also now been included in a brand new collection of female power pop. She's Got The Power! Female Power Pop, Punk & Garage not only includes this track but tunes by Blondie, The Dollyrots, Baby Shakes, Amy Rigby, Lydia Loveless, Shonen Knife, and many more!

And, of course, I have to once again beg y'all for brand new covers of this classic tune. Please, please, please, if you have the capabilities, or know any artists that would be perfect to remake "Teenage Kicks", send them my way! Next week, I will be world premiering a brand new submissions that I'm sure you're all going to love!


1. Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits - Teenage Kicks

2. The Rose Quarter - Juvenilia

3. Thought Patrol - Coyote Fever

4. Off Contact - Someday

5. Tony Valentino - Try It

6. The Walk Offs - Guilty

7. Country Westerns - Knucklen

8. The Blue Aeroplanes - Bulletproof Coffee & A Snake-Oil Shot

9. Paint Fumes - Fascinating

10. Paint Fumes - Missed a Step

11. Crocodiles - Love Beyond The Grave

12. Crocodiles - Rock 'n' Roll Graveyard

13. Richie Ramone - Live To Tell

14. Glen Matlock - Head On A Stick

15. The Damned - You're Gonna Realise

16. Mudhoney - Little Dogs

17. Steve Adamyk Band - Do You Wanna Know (The Kids)

18. Steve Adamyk Band - Slip Away (Sedatives)

19. Bill Bones - River Rats

20. The Meffs - Dead In The City

21. The Hi-End - I Need A Witness

22. The Master Plan - BBQ

23. Carissa Johnson - Something Good

24. Mozzy Dee - Love Loves To Hurt Me

25. The Black Delta Movement - Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard

26. Dick Stusso - Part-Time Apocalypse

27. SEX MEX - The Mall

28. The Bloodstrings - Heartache Radio

29. Teenage Bottlerocket - So Dumb

30. Friends of Cesar Romero - Gameboy America

31. Killer Kin - On the Chain

32. Pardoner - Are You Free Tonight?

33. The On and Ons - Let Ya Hair Down!

34. Ryan Hamilton - Haunted by the Holy Ghost

35. The Apers - Dudes In The Band

36. The Darts - Shit Show


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