The Ledge #593: New Releases (Pt. 2)

The second part of this month's new release series is admittedly dominated by cover tunes. Great bands such as Superchunk, The Feelies, Cruzados, The Routes, Hayley and the Crushers and the Rick White Archive are featured remaking classics by The Cure, The Minutemen, Buzzcocks, and others. 

But the main focus of the covers blasted on tonight's show is the brand new tribute album to, of course, The Replacements. Let the Bad Times Roll, and it's definitely worth they hype. "December 2022 I was drinking at the Fishtown Tavern and 'Can't Hardly Wait ' came on the jukebox, and at that moment I knew this tribute to the Mats needed to happen," Arik Victor from Creep Records says in a press release. "The next day, we invited all the bands we love."

Of course, tonight's show is more than cover tunes. We have the return of The Alarm, the second 2023 album by bar italia, and wonderful material from the Netherlends, Australia, Italy, and other countries around the world.

As for this week's edition of "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks", I admittedly discovered a real treat on YouTube. Baby Shakes have routinely performed the tune as an encore, and this live version I discovered a few days ago even includes Billy Doherty and Damian O'Neill from The Undertones! Like I do every week, however, I must again plead with y'all for more versions of "Teenage Kicks". If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!

1. Baby Shakes (ft. Billy Doherty & Damian O'Neill) - Teenage Kicks

2. The Alarm - The Last Words of Johnny Rotten

3. bar italia - my little tony

4. Canyons And Locusts - Buck Dharma's Eyes

5. Erik Nervous - Drop Dead

6. Mikey Erg - Wake Up 

7. Tired Radio - Bastards Of Young 

8. Her Heads On Fire - Alex Chilton

9. Neckscars - Unsatisfied

10. The Exbats - Himbo

11. The Exbats - Food Fight

12. Nobro - Set That Pussy Free

13. Nobro - Delete Delete Delete

14. Superchunk - In Between Days

15. Superchunk - Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing


17. Rick White Archive - I WANT YOU BACK

18. The Feelies - What Goes On

19. The Feelies - I'm Waiting For The Man

20. Cruzados - Have Love, Will Travel (Live)

21. The Routes - Oh Shit!

22. Hayley and The Crushers - Lust For Life

23. Lisa Beat And The Liars - Sheena Is a Beat Rocker

24. Smooch - Glitter Thugs

25. The Gee Strings - Rock n Rolls

26. Citric Dummies - I'm Gonna Punch Larry Bird

27. Teenage Bottlerocket - It Wasn't Enough

28. The Heck - Detention

29. Stepmother - Fade Away

30. The Uppers - Madam Please

31. The Color Fred - The Ledge 

32. Celebration Summer - Left Of The Dial 

33. Goddamnit - Cant Hardly Wait 

34. Suzi Trash - What Makes the Wind Blow?

35. Timeshares - Treatment Bound 


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