The Ledge #595: Replacements Tribute Albums

As one of those lunatics who tends to collect anything and everything asoociated with artists I love, it's probably no surprise that I have quite a few tribute albums devoted to The Replacements. When Let the Bad Times Roll (a Tribute to The Replacements) was released earlier this month, I did a deep dive in my archives and discovered that I actually owned seven of these types of records.

With that in mind, it was a no-brainer to do a show devoted to nothing but Replacements tribute albums. The seven records represented tonight have been released throughout the last three decades, and include releases originating in Australi and Italy. There's a few semi-big names but there are as many, if not more, bands whose career I know nothing about.

I also made myself a challenge that I would try not to duplicate any songs...and I succeeded! There are 35 different Replacements tracks covered by 35 different artists. Ok, there is one artist who appears twice - Mikey Erg's band, Ergs, covers "I'm in Trouble" while as a solo act he performs "Wake Up"

Just because the overall theme revolves around The Replacements doesn't mean that I'm ignoring the "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks" series. In fact, you get a double dose of covers tonight to open and close the show. The first version is by an L.A. band called Kolars. They're a duo that features a drummer that tap dances rhythms with her feet atop a bass drum while simultaneously playing a stand-up kit. The version that closes the show, Freddy Lynxx and the Jet Boys, is led by a Johnny Thunders fanatic who actually allowed his hero to choose his band's name. 

As I do every week, however, I must again plead with y'all for more versions of "Teenage Kicks". If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!

Along wth the "Teenage Kicks" bookends, tonight's episode included these tracks:

From Let The Bad Times Roll (a Tribute To The Replacements):

Mikey Erg - Wake Up 

The Color Fred - The Ledge 

Crazy Tom Martin - Sadly Beautiful 

Jon Snodgrass - Go 

Crossed Keys - I'll Be You 

From Graduate Unskilled: Un Tributo ai Replacements:

Lester Greenowski - God Damn Job

Laser Geyser - Answering Machine

Irene Sciacovelli - Achin To Be

Edward Abbiati - If Only You Were Lonely

Panamas & Massilanciasassi - Shiftless When Idle

From We'll Inherit The Eart: A Tribute To The Replacements:

Ergs - I'm In Trouble

Queers - Unsatisfied

Tiltwheel - Skyway

Drag The River - Portland

Against Me! - Bastards Of Young

From Left Of The Dial - A Pop Tribute To The Replacements:

Happy Regrets - Kiss Me On the Bus

Cockeyed Ghost - I.O.U.

The Put Outs - Nowhere Is My Home

Day of Reckoning - Left of the Dial

The Cables - Valentine

From I'm In Love With That Song:

Brad Shepherd - Alex Chilton

The Celibate Rifles - I Will Dare

DM3 - Rock 'n' Roll Ghost

Half Miler - Here Comes a Regular

You Am I - White & Lazy

From So What: A Tribute To The Replacements

Buick McKane - I Hate Music

Fastball - Androgynous

Beggar's X-mas - Johnny's Gonna Die

The Gourds - Favorite Thing

The Asylum St. Spankers - Treatment Bound

From Sorry Ma, Forgot To Let Out the Cats: A Tribute to The Replacements:

The Stonesouls - Mr. Whirly & Can't Hardly Wait

Hayride - Heyday

The Germans - Seen Your Video

The Woggles - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

Baby Fishmouth - Kids Don't Follow


D. said…
Own a ton of tribute albums and don't have any of those... but do have somewhere around here a tape (ca. 1998) of Austin artists covering the 'Mats, called "Bring Your Own Lampshade"
Scott said…
Dammit, I just checked my archives and I do also have that "Bring Your Own Lampshade" comp. Ugh, I wish I had caught that.

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