The Ledge #601: New Releases

It may be a new year, but there's no change to the first episode of each and every month. Once again, I present to you over two hours of brand new music. Ok, there are a handful of tracks that actually came out a few months ago, but these are new discoveries for me. So in my convoluted set of self-created rules, they're still new releases to me. 

But as always, this show features a great mix of punk, garage, indie rock, and power pop. There's music from all over the world, and both brand new and veteran acts. Anybody with a hunger for new music should be able to find their own highlights.


1. Poppy Robbie - Robert Pollard Trading Card Collection

2. The Silent Treatment - Hulk Hogan (Is A Dick)

3. The Silent Treatment - Scandalizer

4. Run Westy Run - Foodcourting

5. Run Westy Run - Moxin Hey

6. Ryan Adams - Waste of Time

7. Ryan Adams - Blown Away

8. Dion Lunadon - Diamond Sea

9. Bory - North Douglas

10. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin - The World (Is a Playground)

11. Richard Turgeon - Friend Zone

12. The Incurables - When I Grow Up

13. Fast Eddy - In Too Deep

14. Angel Face - Bad Feeling

15. Hairy Nipples - Basement tapes

16. Brody and the Grodies - Tubes of Meat

17. Night Fury - Cats, Dogs, & Rock 'n' Roll

18. Perilous - Rock & Roll Kiss

19. The Belair Lip Bombs - Say My Name

20. Girl With A Hawk - The Romantic

21. Friends of Cesar Romero - Tomorrow's Weather Girl

22. Vista Blue - Somebody's Favorite Band

23. Post Ramone - Breakdown

24. The Deflators - Liar Liar

25. MC16 - Polytechnic

26. North Sea Fever - Go One Better

27. SEX MEX - Maxs Mom

28. OUTTACONTROLLER - Just a Scratch

29. The Fuzzies - Side of My Own

30. The Khybers - The Shouting Men

31. The Royal Hangmen - Let's Get Together

32. The Sino Hearts - Right Out

33. The Glimmer Stars - Rollers Show

34. The Glimmer Stars - Pictures Of You

35. Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin on Guitar - Tonight's the Night

36. The Mochines - Killer Woman

37. WiMP! - Set You Free

38 True Stars - Sick Thing


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