The Ledge #604: Odds & Ends Again

The "odds and ends" series is an opportunity for me to mix all kinds of material. This week's version mixes a bunch of new releases with a ton of material I've been playing around the house in recent weeks. There's also a tribute to Mary Weiss, the leader of The Shangri-Las who passed away a few days ago. Otherwise, there's classics by The Clash, X, The Birthday Party, and The Long Ryders, along with a new discovery of The Deviants, a great old band that for whatever reason I had never checked out.

As for that little sound sample at the beginning of the show, I must thank my buddy Kevin for alerting me to a show called The Listener. I just can't help but include oddly-placed discussions on The Replacements. 


1. The Replacements - Alex Chilton (Rough Mix)

2. The Shangri-Las - Give Him a Great Big Kiss

3. Mary Weiss with the Reigning Sound - Nobody Knows (But I Do)

4. X - I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

5. The Clash - All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

6. Lorne Behrman - The Blue Goes On Forever

7. The Jack Rubies - Hark

8. The Trouble Seekers - Not like U

9. Ty Segall - My Best Friend

10. The Deviants - I'm Coming Home

11. 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)

12. The Leaves - Tobacco Road

13. Thee Headcoats - Troubled Times

14. Night Beats - Cinderella

15. Robbie Quine - Let's Spend the Night Together

16. Roxanne Fontana - The Singer Not The Song

17. The Weeklings - Mr. Soul Satisfaction

18. The Speakeasy - Johnny B. Goode

19. Soul Asylum - Attacking The Beat

20. Tommy Keene - Back to Zero Now

21. The Beat Farmers - Gun Sale at the Church

22. The Long Ryders - Run Dusty Run

23. Suburbs - Baby Heartbeat

24. The Boatsmen - Why Wait

25. Jonesy - (If It's Not Rock 'N Roll) Go To Hell

26. Oblivians - I'll Be Gone

27. Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten

28. The Birthday Party - Nick the Stripper

29. Sonic Youth - Death  Valley '69

30. Spacemen 3 - Things'll Never Be The Same (demo version)

31. The Chills - Look for the Good in Others and They'll See the Good in You

32. Nancy Sinatra - Got It Together


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