The Ledge #614: New Releases (Pt. 1)

I was close to finishing off the tracklists for this month's two part new release series when I received an unexpected text message from an old friend. Rich Show, the legendary leader of three classic South Dakota bands (No Direction, Flag With Hank, and Violet), along with a number of side projects and solo releases, sent me the files for his upcoming record, Age Appropriate.

I could not have been happier with this shocking news, as he's been a great friend for the over 40 years he's been creating music. Obviously, I immediately sampled tracks from the record and inserted them into tonight's show.

But Rich is not the ony friend whose music is featured tonight. White Rose Motor Oil sent me the second cover of their "pre-owned songs" series. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin have contnued their series of monthly singles. Numb Surprise, who contributed to last year's "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks", provided two newly-recorded tracks. There's also fantastic tracks from our friends at Big Stir Records (The Half Cubes, The Speed Of Sound), Rum Bar Records (Beebe Gallini, Pavid Vermin, The Shang Hi Los), and many others!

My hope for these new release shows, and honestly all of my broadcasts, is that you guys enjoy these tunes so much that you go out and purchase them. If you do, please let these artists and labels know where they heard them as it really helps shows like The Ledge continue to receive these great tracks!


1. White Rose Motor Oil - You Gotta Sin to Get Saved

2. Rich Show - What Can I Do To Make You Feel

3. Rich Show - Me And Poor Little Me

4. Rich Show - Stepping Across That Line

5. Rich Show - See No Evil Fear No Evil

6. Rich Show - Abyss Slayer

7. Pernice Brothers - Not This Pig

8. Pernice Brothers - Hey, Guitar

9. Old 97's - Somebody

10. Old 97's - American Primitive

11. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin - Ink Blue Smoke Again

12. The Cynz - Crow-Haired Boys

13. The Speed Of Sound - West Wind

14. The Half-Cubes - The Girl

15. Numb Surprise - Been Down So Long

16. Numb Surprise - Say Hello Wave Goodbye

17. Fast Eddy - LUCKY STRIKE

18. The Chesterfield Kings - Meet You After Midnight

19. James Sullivan - My Best Friend

20. James Sullivan - Day Late Dollar Short

21. Brent Seavers - No Perfect Way

22. Eyelids - Anything Could Happen

23. Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders - Why I Sing

24. Beebe Gallini - She Hulk

25. Pavid Vermin - Desecrate The Cathedral

26. The Shang Hi Los - Op-Operator

27. The Jesus And Mary Chain - The Eagles and the Beatles

28. Drunk Mums - Slippin' Up

29. Lancashire Bombers - Redhead Girl

30. Tambourine Girlfriend - I Want To Go Back To Michigan

31. The Prize - One Day At A Time

32. The Unknowns - Heart In Two

33. Charles Moothart - One Wish


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