The Ledge #615: New Releases (Pt. 2)

Like all of the new release episodes, the second part of this month's series features a wide range of styles - a little bit Americana, some power pop, a touch of psych, and plenty of good ol' punk rock. There are bands whose careers go back almost 50 years (Cock Sparrer), along with quite a few who are spotlighting their debuts. From Omaha to Sydney, with a couple of stops in France and Switzerland, this is a well-rounded collection of the best new music.

My hope for these new release shows, and honestly all of my broadcasts, is that you guys enjoy these tunes so much that you go out and purchase them. If you do, please let these artists and labels know where they heard them as it really helps shows like The Ledge continue to receive these great tracks!


1. Local Drags - Left In The Sun

2. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - You Don't Get to Tell Me

3. Waxahatchee - Right Back to It (feat. MJ Lenderman)

4. John Moreland - One Man Holds The World Hostage

5. Alejandro Escovedo - Bury Me

6. Scott H. Biram - Rather Be High

7. Meatbodies - Psychic Garden

8. Drahla - zig-zag

9. The Libertines - I Have A Friend

10. Speedfossil - IRL

11. Huck 2 - Echo Chamber

12. High Tiny Hairs - Only Lonely

13. King Drapes - Bad Rockabilly Suicide Girl

14. Pleasants - Takeout Dinner

15. The Hellflowers - Girl U Want

16. The Hellflowers - Little Boogie

17. Hammered Saint - Get Off My Lawn

18. ITCHY & THE NITS - Beat It Bozo!

19. Wine Lips - High on Your Own Supply

20. The Carnivals - Greasy Pole

21. Shaggahs - Word Around Town

22. Rick Barton - Digging Ditches

23. The Amplifier Heads - Dead Star

24. Bart and the Brats -Clock-watcher

25. BAD HUSBAND - Bands "R" Dumb

26. Dead Pollys - Me and Claes

27. The Jukeez - White Liquor

28. Cock Sparrer - With My Hand On My Heart

29. Cock Sparrer - Mind Your Own Business

30. The D-Fibs - Only Fans

31. The Bricks - Punks Not Dead

32. Descendents - Red Tape [de Circle Jerks]

33. Descendents - I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills [de Circle Jerks]

34. Circle Jerks - Kabuki Girl [de Descendents]

35. Circle Jerks - Hope [de Descendents]

36. The Attycs - Emo Chicks on the Beach


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