Real or Fake?

I was just checking my email, and I found the email reprinted at the bottom from "Jeff Gannon". Could it be the real Jeff Gannon? If so, I think it's safe to say it's my first correspondance from a gay escort...and for that I'm proud.

"The comments on your site:

Take the case of Jeff Gannon, the gay escort who was hired by John Thune's
campaign to create anti-Tom Daschle propaganda for conservative blogs.

are factually incorrect and should be removed. I never worked for Thune's
campaign for any purpose nor were any of my news stories "propaganda".
Everything I reported was 100% accurate.

The election is over. Thune won, Daschle lost. Stop being a sore loser.




Todd Epp said…

My guess is that it probably was JG.


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