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When the New Mayor is Elected, What Should Be His First Act?
Fix the Streets
Ensure Sufficient Water Supply
Build Unnecessary Buildings
Appoint Scott Hudson As Culture Czar
Pass New Law - Death Penalty For Those Who Can't Navigate Turn Lanes
Enact Toys For Adults Program - Free Vibe For Every Adult at Christmas
Book Next Year's Porn Movie Awards at Convention Center
Ban the Use of Term KELO-Land
Hell, Ban KELO
Change City's Name to Hudsonland
Enact Nascar Tax
Ban Karaoke
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danugh said…
wow, so many good choices....
danugh said…
I was undecided about this one until the 10 PM news last night.

Since I couldn't watch KDLT because of the olympics I switched over to KELO. They had a reporter out at the airport for the arrival of Pat Herried's casket (Pat is the soldier killed in Iraq last week) and as this was going on Don Dipshitson was going on and on about how the DOD usually doesn't allow the media to cover this type of event but KELO was there because they were specially invited by the family. So thinking I was seeing this the only place it could be seen I didn't change the channel. But this morning I got to work and my friend was telling me that KSFY was there too, and from the sounds of it did a much better job covering it in a respectful manner. Soooooo, therefore I vote to ban KELO from the airwaves.

Patrick and I worked together for six years before he enlisted, and I just want to say rest in piece Pat.... or as we always called you - Mother.

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