Ehrisman Writes a Letter

Vernon Brown
Gerald Beninga
De Knudson
Darrin Smith
Bob Jamison
Dave Munson
Pat Costello,

I would like to personally thank you for not stopping by my home before the
last city election. It is refreshing to know that at least one of my local
representatives doesn’t really care about my vote or my opinion even though I
have rarely missed an election in the 14+ years I have lived in Sioux Falls.

Honestly though, I can’t see why you would want to stop by my place anyway. I
don’t have a lot of money or influence, and I refuse to give money to any
politician. I guess I’m old fashioned like that, I actually think politicians
should talk to their constituents in person instead filling their mailboxes
with junk mail.

Maybe you blew me off because I live in councilman Staggers district, and what
does that curmudgeon know? He actually believes municipalities should serve
the public. Where does he get these crazy notions? Must be from teaching
Political Science or something. Kermit doesn’t really count anyway, because if
he did he would of had someone challenging him in the last election.

I try to do a lot of research before I vote, since most of my representatives
are so inaccessible. I really enjoy the guessing game though, makes me feel
like I’m on the Wheel of Fortune. This election I researched your contributor
list. It was like the Who’s Who of Sioux Falls. I doubt you have to pay any
of them back with favors, let’s say with like a $400,000 interest free loan. I
hope you have the honesty and integrity not to do something so selfish.

I know I did a lot of generalizing and stereotyping in this letter, but I’m
too busy to type you each a personal letter. I wanted to know what it was like
to be a politician for a day.

Good luck in your future decision making, do as you please, I now know my
opinion doesn’t count.

I’ll be sure to remember you in the next election, even if you don’t know me.

Invisible voter,
Scott L. Ehrisman

PS - Don’t bother sending me a letter of apology, I still haven’t found time
to read all those postcards you sent me.


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