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Losers by Association
Scott L. Ehrisman

I recently listened to the Argus Leader Podcasts - all of them. I know, it was a task. Kranz was the only one that made sense, unfortunately he probably doesn't know what a podcast is and Mckenzie is an idiot - glad he was fired (don't you have to get your transmission fixed?).

Today, the Argus announced their much anticipated RibFest lineup (ha, ha, ha, ha . . . . ). Where to begin? Let's go back to last Thursday when I listened to those podcasts. I remember Robert Morast making fun of JazzFest and the people that attend, something about them not being very fashionable (I guess wearing green-striped tube socks and stocking caps in June is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler). How ironic an Argus Leader reporter/editor would make fun of JazzFest.

So Let's compare the two:

JazzFest Admission is FREE and sponsored by SF Jazz & Blues Society a non-profit organization that relies on grants and private donations.

RibFest has an admission fee and is "sponsored" by the Argus Leader (owned by the gigantic media company Gannet) and also "sponsored" by SMG, another private company that milks communities for "upgrade" money.

JazzFest's entertainment this year includes blues and jazz singer Mavis Staples, cult favorites Medeski, Martin & Wood and Howlin' Wolf's legendary guitarist Hubert Sumlin. It also has a second stage that includes some the best local talent.

RibFest features, I thought she was dead, washed up 80's rocker, Joan Jett and local queers Khooreiy & the Fireflies (one of 3 of their appearances this year, sorry I mean 2, I forgot Daschle isn't running this year).

JazzFest is hosted in beautiful Yankton Trail Park, surrounded by trees and the Big Sioux River.

RibFest is in the Arena parking lot on blacktop.

JazzFest serves beer in cans and has several food vendors.

RibFest serves expensive, give you a headache tap beer, and ribs (actually rib bones with a couple bites of meat on them).

JazzFest has lots of lovely tank top ladies that make the guys smoking cigars and wearing fedoras more bearable.

RibFest has drunk, yuppie biker chicks and Robert Morast in green-striped tube socks.

Once again the Argus has proven they should change their name to the "Irony Leader". Who is playing next year? Loverboy? Quiet Riot? Eddie Rabbit?


scottrngr said…
eddie rabbit is dead, and i won't be going to either event.
Anonymous said…
A friend of mine downloaded one of the podcasts and got a virus. She said it stops her from listening to podcasts from independent publications. Odd huh?
Anonymous said…
Totally right about the whole Jazzfest vs Ribfest thing. And I listened to the podcasts and was appalled by the live magazine one. It started with the host introducing her guest as "special" and then she cackled and said "but not in that way" and then shared a good laugh at people with "special needs." how insensitive is that? What a bunch of jerks. Is this how the Argus staff really thinks about people with handicaps? Scott, I hope you put them on the get out of town list, especially for comments like making fun of people with special needs.
Anonymous said…
I think what she meant by 'special friend' is that she is her lesbian lover.

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