More Problems With Ginger the Jeep

When my dozen or so readers last checked in the ultraloser Scott Hudson, he was still reeling from not being able to attend the Ray Davies show in Minneapolis. Not only had Ginger the Jeep broke down literally minutes before hitting the road, Ginger broke down again the next day.
Make that three times in as many days. This time it was on the Western Avenue bridge that sits over Interstate 229. Luckily, Ginger restarted and limped back to the dealership. Until this morning, Mr. Hudson was again without a vehicle, and was forced to spend the weekend watching the first season of Scrubs, which was found a couple of weeks ago at Last Stop.
Ginger is still not in Mr. Hudson’s hands, but the fine folks at the car lot provided him with a newer and nicer Jeep while they try to discover just what is wrong with the ailing Ginger.
Mr. Hudson has one more message before he devours his fourth Windsor/Coke. Go vote tomorrow, and please remember his spring slogan, “Anybody But Munson”. Sioux Falls doesn’t need him and his rich goons pushing our city closer and closer to bankruptcy.
Thank you, and in the immortal words of WWE’s Mick Foley, “have a nice day”.


Anonymous said…
You should be calling the jeep "grandpa"

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