Jon Bon Jovi's An Artist?

Full disclosure - I've never been a fan of Bon Jovi. Few can deny, though, that they've pretty much coasted the last 10 - 15 years. They've become one of those acts that are continually booked onto television shows because they're safe; not because they have anything to say. You know, the Sheryl Crow and Gloria Estefan syndrome.

It appears we're going to be forced to endure them quite a bit the next few weeks:

Every network looks to book talent first: NBC Universal is taking the concept to a new level with the singer Jon Bon Jovi.

Over the next two months Mr. Bon Jovi, whose new album, “The Circle,” will be released on Nov. 10, will be seen exclusively on shows on outlets owned by NBC Universal. These appearances will include the “Today” show, “The Tonight Show,” “The Jay Leno Show” and “Saturday Night Live” — and even an interview on the “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams. Mr. Bon Jovi also will appear on “Inside the Actors Studio” on the Bravo channel of NBC Universal.

Mr. Bon Jovi is being called NBC’s “artist in residence” for the two-month period — and that means he won’t be anywhere else. “Of course you usually try to be out there everywhere, when a new album is coming out,” Mr. Bon Jovi said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “So we have to sacrifice certain shows and relationships. We hope this doesn’t jeopardize any of them. But in a shrinking media environment, you have to kind of reinvent the wheel.”

Artist in residency? Really? Inside the Actor's Studio? I know he's been in a couple of movies, but he's no actor. This may be the dumbest move since NBC put Jay Leno on prime time every night.


Anonymous said…
And now there's another thing you don't understand. Women love Bon Jovi. And when a large percentage of women love an artist, your rant on this subject is like the mouse that squeeked. Get a frick'n girlfriend. My wife fell in love with the lead vocalist from Tesla after tonight's concert. So I won't be getting too much sleep for the next few nights. Do any women like the Replacements, or is that a guy band?
Anonymous said…
I blame an over-active publicist gland. <3 his drunk train-wreck wing man.

Anonymous said…
I blame an over-active publicist gland. <3 his drunk train-wreck wing man.

Pheno: You are talking (or reading, rather) to a fanatical female fan of the Replacements. There are a gazillion other bands that I enjoy and follow. But when it comes to my favorite, all-time, hands-down Numero Uno, it's Paul and the Boys All The Way. It could still be a guy's band, I never was one to follow tradition, especially of the female-type...
Scott said…
I've never really cared if a band/artist is loved by any groups of people. If the music appeals to me, then I'm a fan.

My point really doesn't have anything to do with Mr. Jovi. It's being force-fed anybody, even the unlikely occurrence that it's somebody I like. We already see these stupid promotional tours where somebody with something to promote is on about a dozen shows in a day or two. Now NBC is signing these deals where we're going to have to endure them on every show in their schedule.
Anonymous said…
On these points, and reference to my question regarding Replacement popularity, I stand corrected and informed. Above points well taken.

Anonymous said…
I recently enjoyed some unexpected Replacements music while watching "Adventureland." It's kind of a cute movie.

The Goddess said…
Dear Anonymous:

You make me laugh out loud. What KIND of women love Bon Jovi, exactly, because none of the women I know can even stand him. In fact, if a guy were lucky enough to take me home and I was flipping through his music and came across Bon Jovi I'd be out of there before you could say slippery when wet.

Not so the Replacements. Do any women like the Replacements, you ask. Hells yeah! Even GODDESSES like the Replacements, no, LOVE the Replacements.

And as far as Tesla goes, I actually met them back in 88 or 89 and they all gave me the freakin' creeps. What kind of woman likes that kind of smarminess? Eew!

In summary, oh dear "Anonymous," I definitely prefer guys who like the Replacements to guys who like Bon Jovi any day of the week. And clearly I have better taste than your wife.

The Goddess.

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