Most Hated Bands/Artists

I admit that I'm stealing this from the Postcard mailing list, but it really is right up my alley. As you may imagine, this is just a partial list, but I'm hoping that I'll inspire some of you readers to contribute your own list.

1. Creed. Yeah, this is an easy and obvious response, but nobody deserves to be on here more than these pompous asses. Lowest common denominator garbage at its worst.

2. Jimmy Buffett. Adult rock/country at its worst...and truthfully I hate his fans even more than I hate him. Parrotheads? Ugh. One of my main wishes in life is to never hear "Cheeseburger in Paradise" again.

3. Nickleback. See the entry for Creed.

4. Phil Collins-era Genesis (and solo Collins). I can actually handle the 70's Peter Gabriel-led era of this band, but everything that is wrong about the 80's is present in the dozens of albums and soundtracks featuring Collins. That awful compressed, synthetic drum sound became the cheap production tactic of the decade, and many good albums by other artists suffered because of it.

5. Fall Out Boy. Fake punk for fake poseurs.

6. The Beach Boys (except for Pet Sounds). I've never understood the love for the extended Wilson family. Oldies radio would be much more listenable without the likes of "Help Me Rhonda", "I Get Around", and the three other songs they seem to have on constant repeat.

7. Midwest rock in general (Journey/Head East/REO/38 Special/April Wine/Styx/etc.). I could have another whole list of awful MOR rock that was way too popular in this part of the country in the late 70's/early 80's. Almost all of these acts are still touring the county fair circuit, so we're guaranteed to see them every other year or so...even if there's only a bass player or drummer left from the original band.

8. Dave Matthews Band. The next generation of parrotheads.

9. Limp Bizkit. No comment necessary.

10. Garth Brooks. He almost single-handedly ruined an entire genre of music, and now I hear rumors of a comeback. Please, say it ain't so!


Melanie Bagatta said…
interesting list. I agree with some
The Goddess said…
OMFG! Me too, me too, me too! Creed and Nickleback make me crazy. I cringe whenever I hear Phil Collins or Genesis. The Beach Boys too, all of 'em, I don't care how brilliant Pet Sounds is, it's
still the Beach Boys.

And Jimmy Buffet and the band of Parrotheads that follows him. Eeeeew!

But this lipstick hippie loves DMB, and to compare his followers (not that I'm a fanatic, but I'm definitely a fan) to the next generation of Parrotheads is really painful. OUCH!

Know who you missed? Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. Both pompous overrated jerks. Don't know how you could've missed 'em!
Anonymous said…
To some degree I can agree with some observations on your list. But some of your info is harsh. Some of the bands you hate sounded pretty good when they initially became popular. Journey's first album was a masterpiece. But without the original lineup I decided to pass on their last SF concert. Bands like 38 Special were great in the late 70's/early '80's, but their music was overplayed, and they couldn't keep coming up with hits. Which makes them human - not bad. I still love Beach Boys music, but it's an acquired taste. I understand why people hate them also. Genesis was a fresh and new concept in the '70's that I enjoyed very much. But Collins only repeated his style in the '80's as a sole artist, which turned me off also. The 'Wind and Withering' album and the one that followed it were reasonable good albums. But I had friends in the '70's that hated them as well. To each his own. Not to be intentionally bitchy, but I'm not too crazy about your music tastes either. After all, they did destroy a radio station. Sorry...
Corey V. said…
@Goddess - Bruce overrated? BITE YOUR TONGUE. He's one of the few genuine major acts around anymore.

@Anonymous - College rock destroyed a radio station? I don't get it.
Anonymous said…
I guess if Corey is suggesting KAUR was ever "college rock", then I can understand why he doesn't get it. KAUR didn't play college rock, they played incoherent noise. Which is why the station never had more than two dozen counter-culture fans at any given time. Otherwise, KAUR was nothing more than a community joke. What a stupid waste of an FM station that could've been transformed into a premier rock station, and national legend under the right management. I think that all the people that use to work there, and the counter-culture listeners with their horn rimmed glasses and $4 cups of coffee, should apologize to the community for their bad taste in "music".
Anonymous said…
By the way Corey: I loved it when McCain and the GOP played 'Born in the USA' at their convention, and didn't bother to read the lyrics beforehand. That was delightful.
I also remember someone telling me they called KAUR to request a Springsteen tune, and the Goth witch hung up on him. funny

Matt Tomich said…
i avoid junk food, but i unabashedly listen to some of this crap on summer days just because it's fun. (not creed. not dave matthews either.)

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