A Partial List of People and Things That Need To Go Away

It’s list time again! As I’m sitting here listening to today’s new releases, including the latest by The Flaming Lips, I’ve been daydreaming about people and things that shouldn’t bug me but of course do. So here’s a partial list - feel free to add your own.

1. Dave Munson’s insane bid to claim city poverty to steal federal funding that would be better used in communities that have seriously felt the effects of our current recession.

2. De Kunudson. She’ll always make these sorts of list, especially after I learned she jogs in her neighborhood wearing nothing but a sports bra.

3. The concept of a $40 million dollar high school football complex, especially when building a parking ramp at the Arena would be at least $10 million dollars cheaper than moving Howard Wood Field.

4. Those awful “Husbands needs wives” billboards. I now realize they’ve been put up by Avera to publicize a worthy cause, but it’s a terrible campaign.

5. The never-ending construction on 22nd Street.

6. The quick demise of fall, straight into winter. I don’t mind jacket weather, but it’s way too early for winter coats.

7. Last Sunday’s Denver Broncos throwback jerseys. As Tony Kornheiser noted, the players looked like giant bottles of Quik.

8. Theme songs to nighttime football games personalized for each game. Hank Sr. is rolling in his grave every Monday night.

9. Major league baseball umpires.

10. Itunes-only music releases. Hey, some of us do still purchase the physical product!

11. News and sports networks treating twitter updates as news. Yes, I’m talking to you CNN and ESPN.

12. The current season of SNL…and their musical guests. I expected Lady Gaga to be terrible, but even U2 was embarrassing two weeks ago.

13. Jay Leno. More specifically, the never-ending commercials for Jay Leno.

14. Our local Fox affiliate dropping Jerry Springer. Yet Tyra Banks and the Doctors are still on local television.

15. Mike and Mike’s lame TV segments. In fact, the only thing worse than actors making music are radio guys doing television.

16. Glenn Beck, and the idiots who believe every crackpot thing that spouts out of his mouth.

17. The Kardashians, Lamas’, Kendra, and every other non-talent that screws their way into a series on E.

18. Jon and Kate.

19. Self-proclaimed moralists who want Letterman fired for his indiscretion. Don’t watch the show if you’re offended by his actions, but you really have no right to tell me what I should watch.

20. Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/whatever business “friends” who saturate my mailbox with drink special and schedule updates. Seriously, I don’t need five messages per day about the exact same event. All you’re doing is verifying that I won’t be participating.


Anonymous said…
"..federal funding that would be better used in communities that have seriously felt the effects of our current recession." Objection: We are not in a recession, this is a permanent market correction which reflects what happens when we give away a huge percentage of our manufacturing base to other countries. The internationalization of the American economy will prove that over 300 million Americans cannot survive on a service industry based economy alone. Yes, I'm a protectionist.
And I'm surprise that you didn't include me on your deportation list.

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