A few minutes after eight, the band finally hit the stage. Here’s the setlist:

Merry Go Round
Someone Take the Wheel
Live Forever
Final Hurrah
Kiss Me On The Bus
Knockin' On Mine
Making Me Go
Let The Bad Times Roll
No Place For You
As Far As I Know
Little Mascara
Born For Me
High Time
Skyway ( solo )
Here Comes A Regular ( solo )
What A Day ( For A Night )
Achin' To Be
Love Untold
I Will Dare
Alex Chilton
Left Of The Dial
Kansas City Star ( about 1-2 minutes worth )
Can't Hardly Wait

As you can see, there were very few surprises in the set. Sure, there were a few changes from the Pantages shows of last October (less Folker material, more ‘mats), but none of the goofy covers and obscurities that dazzled fans on the West Coast.
Yet there are no complaints from this crazed lunatic. A week on the road has been very good for the band, as they seemed to be able to completely read Paul’s mind (not an easy task). He may have flubbed a lyric or two, but otherwise he was spot on. Former Son Volt bassist Jim Boquist seems to be having the time of his life, and Michael Bland is a complete madman on drums.
Best of all, our vantage point and the intimacy of the club revealed Westerberg to be a very underrated guitarist. It was his guitar leads that would kick the songs into overdrive, not Kevin Bowe’s. Quick glances from Paul to Bland would signal time changes and song endings, with Bowe and Boquist quickly following suit.
What was probably most surprising is that it was on the solo material that was the most inspiring. Sure, “I Will Dare”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” and the other classics ‘mats songs were well executed, but it was on songs such as “Psychopharmacology” and “High Time” that found the band escalating into overdrive. In fact, the musical highpoint of the evening may have come from the newest song in the setlist. “As Far As I Know” has turned into a modern day power pop classic. If this song had been recorded and released in the late 80’s, it would have been a modern rock radio standard.
The acoustic ballads were probably the most emotional portion of the night. “Born For Me” may be one of his most underrated songs, and after seeing it performed live twice in the last five months I now understand why Nick Hornsby included it in his “Songbook” collection. “Here Comes a Regular” brought tears to my eyes, and it’s always an emotional moment to hear an entire audience sing along to “Skyway”.
I must say, however, that the show was a bit short. Some have said that the show was only ninety minutes long, which is a bit of a disappointment after hearing about his two hour plus marathons in L.A.
After returning home, I discovered the main reason why the show was cut off after one encore. Sometime before his Denver appearance, Westerberg ended up in the emergency room after injuring his right hamstring. He had actually dropped his pants at one point at that concert to show off his new injury. Those in line before this show had told us that he was using a cane when he entered the club for the soundcheck.
He didn’t show any signs of injury during his performance. He was all over the place, jumping around during his guitar leads, stomping his feet when Bowe took his leads. But it was clearly bothering him after the show, as we were about to find out.

"Here Comes a Regular"
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