Kansas City, here we come! After a swing through the West Coast, Westerberg began his Midwest tour last Thursday in Denver. With Kansas City only five hours away, it was obvious that I had to make another pilgrimage.
We hit the city around two, and decided to scope out the venue to ensure that we knew where we were going. We were a little shocked to discover Paul’s tour bus already parked out front!
After checking into our hotel and scoping the highly lauded Westport area, we headed to the Emporium around 6. A handful of people were already camped out front. Let’s just say that the entire Midwest was represented. I had already met Jane three years ago at the Guthrie shows. She had traveled down from Minneapolis for both the K.C. and Columbia shows. There were also fans from Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas present to hear Paul and “His Only Friends” tear through their soundcheck.
After a half hour of playing, the band walked out of the club. I said hello to Paul, who replied “hey, how ya doing?” Drummer Michael Bland waddled over to the pizza joint next door before retiring to the bus.
A few minutes after seven, we were finally allowed into the club. The Emporium is a tiny little venue that only holds around 300 people. Obviously, it was sold out. Since we were the fifth and sixth people into the club, we were able to scope out exactly where we wanted to be. With everybody else heading to spots right in front of the stage, we decided to grab stools on the other side of a little wall that divided the club in two. Since these seats were eye level from the stage yet only a foot or two off the front corner of the club, it was like we were also in the front row…except with seats!

"Rip out the tables, we need room to move!"
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