Important Info!!!!

The track listing for "Besterberg - The Best Of Paul Westerberg" (out May 17 on Rhino) is:
1. Dyslexic Heart
2. Knocking on Mine
3. World Class Fad
4. Runaway Wind
5. Things
6. Seein' Her ("World Class Fad" b-side)
7. Man Without Ties("World Class Fad" b-side)
8. A Star is Bored ("Melrose Place" soundtrack)
9. Stain Yer Blood ("Friends" soundtrack)
10. Love Untold
11. Once Around The Weekend (Alt. Mix)
12. Angels Walk
13. It's A Wonderful Lie
14. Lookin' Out Forever
15. Nowhere Man ("I Am Sam" soundtrack)
16. High Time
17. Let The Bad Times Roll
18. What A Day (For A Night)
19. All That I Had ("Eventually" outtake)
20. C'mon, C'mon, C'mon ("Eventually" outtake)

Ok, I must be honest here. This is not the compilation I'd release. For the most part, it works - there's enough rarities for hard-cores like me and most of the better-known tracks are present. But it's much too heavily focused on the Warners era - not surprising since Rhino is part of the Warners empire. I would leave off Runaway Wind, Angels Walk, and Nowhere Man and add Born For Me, Waiting For Somebody, Two Days 'till Tomorrow, and something from Folker. I'd probably take off the unreleased version of Once Around the Weekend and add Everything Goes Wrong, the great track that's found only on the Come Feel Me Tremble DVD. And where's Crackle and Drag?
On the other hand, I'm pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Things and Seein' Her.


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