Save Munchies!!!

I’m a creature of habit. I have a routine of businesses that I frequent, and at my old age it’s virtually impossible to change my daily routine. This is one of the insane reasons that I tend to not show up at events that friends and acquaintances feel I should hit. If I don’t think I’m going to feel comfortable, then I don’t bother. I know, I’m a messed-up idiot.
Part of my daily errands includes a stop at a convenience store to pick up newspapers, snacks, something to drink, and, if needed, gas. My gas station of choice was picked through a variety of factors, including the ease of entering and exiting, and how it fits into where I am throughout the day.
It shouldn’t surprise anybody that my retailer of choice is located relatively close to Black Sheep Coffee. Well, not exactly close, but on my way to my wake-up (and stay-awake) beverages. Muchies on 10th and Minnesota fits perfectly into my criteria. Yes, it would be easy to stop at the Get ‘n’ Go at 14th and Minnesota, but their parking lot, like too many in this town, is way too cramped and close to impossible to get in and out.
Those two retailers are basically the only spots to get gas in the downtown area. Unfortunately for me, my store of choice is set to close sometime this year. While it had been rumored for quite some time, earlier this year Taylor Oil Company announced that it was going to transform that spot into a used car lot.
What a huge mistake. Why would any car dealer even want that location? Don’t they realize that the meth-head animals that live in that area are going to destroy those vehicles in the middle of the night? We’ve heard for months how that area is supposedly a ghetto (which I don’t believe), but now somebody is going to chance thousands of dollars of prime autos and accessories to these clems?
Enough about the business decision…I’m going to do a Tyra here and make it all about me. Where am I now going to get my treats? Besides that Get ‘n’ Go, there aren’t any other similar shops until 4th Street to the north and 21st Street to the south. Going east or west the distance is even farther. Trust me, when I need coffee I need it immediately. I don’t have the time to go so far out of the way.
If anybody from Taylor Oil reads this, I beg, beg, beg you to reconsider this decision. Munchies is quite possibly the best laid-out convenience store in this city, and has a virtual monopoly on downtown gas and junk food sales. Where are those hot sales girls from the Argus going to get their extra-large Diet Cokes? If you know, please forward the information to me. A little eye-candy will help ease the pain of changing my boring routine. But it sure would be easier for me if you just kept the store open.


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