The Ledge, Episode 25: Drinking In Minneapolis

Since I was spending a few days in Minneapolis, I decided to record a couple of episodes while I was up there. On my first night in town, old pal Pat Burns and myself decided to help ourselves to room service booze while we put together this selection of his favorite bands and songs. As usual, you can subscribe via iTunes, or download it at here.

1. The Replacements – Sixteen Blue (Let It Be)

2. Galactic - Love on the Run (Crazyhorse Mongoose)

3. Ryan Adams – Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. (Easy Tiger)

4. Son Volt – Live Free (Trace)

5. Silos – Commodore Peter (self-titled)

6. The Pogues - Sally Maclennane (Rum, Sodomy & the Lash)

7. Flogging Molly - Far Away Boys

8. Green on Red – That’s What Dreams Are Made For (Gas Food Lodging)

9. Bottle Rockets – Wave That Flag (self-titled)

10. Feelies – Higher Ground (It’s Only Life)

11. Soul Asylum – Never Really Been (Made to Be Broken)

12. The Magnolias – Bring It Back (For Rent)

13. Trip Shakespeare – The Slacks (Across the Universe)

14. Bob Mould – Heartbreak a Stranger (Workbook)

15. Mason Jennings – Some Say I’m Not (Boneclouds)

16. Chan Poling/New Standards – Love is The Law (self-titled)

17. The Replacements – Johnny’s Gonna Die (Sorry, Ma)


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