Live Ledge #15: Leftovers

Having spent the last four days in Minneapolis, I didn't get a real opportunity to put together a playlist this week. Instead, these two hours are songs that were in the original playlists of prior Live Ledges. Plus, there's another double cover challenge, and a brief review of the Minneapolis screenings of Color Me Obsessed. Download it here

1. The Replacements, Kids Don't Follow
2. Rocket 455, Cock in My Pocket
3. Cheap Trick, Clock Strikes Ten
4. Jeff Dahl & the Kevin K Band, Born to Lose
5. The New Salem Witch Hunters, Quinn the Eskimo
6. Dropkick Murphys, Peg O' My Heart
7. The Insomniacs, Mental Holiday
8. Crystal Stilts, Through the Floor
9. Let's Wrestle, Bad Mammaries
10. The Beets, Hens and Roosters
11. Title Tracks, Light Sleepers
12. The Parting Gifts, Keep Walking
13. Art Brut, Lost Weekend
14. No Direction, Getting It On With Trudy
15. The Buzzcocks, Harmony In My Head
16. The Apemen, Squad Car
17. Satan's Pilgrims, Squad Car
18. Hoodoo Gurus, In the Middle of the Land
19. The Saints, Lipstick On Your Collar
20. The Muffs, Lucky Guy
21. The Beards, Make It In America
22. Kitty Daisy & Lewis, I'm Going Back
23. The Exploding Hearts, Modern Kicks
24. Mike Ness, Don't Think Twice
25. Social Distortion, Born to Lose
26. Paul Westerberg, Everything's Gone Wrong
27. Bash & Pop, Friday Night is Killing Me
28. The Quakes, Killing Moon
29. Gorilla, Born to Be Wild
30. The Pixies, Gouge Away
31. Myron Lee & The Caddies, Homicide


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