Live Ledge #85: Halloween

Halloween is my favorite far. Forget birthdays (please, forget that I'm an old man). Christmas is fine but stressful. The rest of them generally consist of whiskey and naps.
Having said that, I'm disgusted that the adults have stolen this holiday from the kids. This is supposed to be the one night that kids get to wander around the neighborhood, collecting treats from each house. Yet the combination of media scare tactics and over-protective parents have virtually caused the pile of leftover candy to grow and grow every year.
Halloween is also great for one more reason - the music. Christmas music stinks. Let's be real (even if I do a Christmas show every year). The vast majority of it audio vicodin, designed to make the most hyperactive person want to fall right to sleep.
Not so with Halloween tunes. There's a plethora of punk, garage, psychobilly, and other forms of tunes dedicated to ghosts, goblins, and every other Halloween fixture. It's only natural that for the third straight year I pull together two hours of these types of tunes.
Here's what I want you to do with this show. Unless the weather cancels Halloween, I want this to be the soundtrack for when the kids come for their treats. Since most of them are only exposed to garbage like that Bieber character, this will be a great opportunity for a cultural awakening. Do it, and make me proud.
In order to play it, you'll either need to play it on the The Ledge android/iTunes app, stream it via Stitcher, download it in iTunes (and leave me a review), or...


1. Alice Cooper, Welcome To My Nightmare Welcome To My Nightmare
2. Chuck Prophet, Castro Halloween
3. Howler, Back To The Grave
4. Thee Holy Ghosts, Seen a Ghost
5. Reverend Horton Heat, The Devil's Chasin' Me
6. Redd Kross, Meet Frankenstein
7. Sleeper Agent, Be My Monster
8. Shonen Knife, Ghost Train
9. The Sunburns, Monster
10. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Science Fiction Double Feature
11. Alkaline Trio, Over at the Frankenstein Place
12. Groovie Ghoulies, The Time Warp
13. Apocalypse Hoboken, Sweet Transvestite
14. The Cramps, Surfin' Dead
15. The Flesheaters, Eyes Without A Face
16. Wednesday 13, Halloween 13-13
17. 45 Grave, Night Of The Demons
18. The Misfits, Die Die My Darling
19. The Misfits, Halloween
20. The Misfits, Monster Mash
21. Agent Orange, Whistling Past the Graveyard
22. Anti-Flag, The Ghosts of Alexandria
23. The Horny Wackers, I Can See The Devil In You
24. The Sharks, Skeleton Rock
25. The Meteors, Do You Wanna Make A Monster
26. The Klingonz, Psycho Mansion
27. The Gazmen, Rigor Mortise Rock
28. Guitar Gangsters, Monster in a Nightclub
29. The Dead Brothers, Bela Lugosi's Dead
30. The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Boris the Spider
31. Groovie Ghoulies, Trick Or Treat
32. The Voronas, I Love My Monsters
33. Thee Gravemen, My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf
34. The Types, My Little Zombie Girl


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