The Walking Rock Alphabet: S

Due to other commitments, I missed a couple of prime walking days. The temps were in the low 70’s, and there was a nice wind. Of course, when I decide I HAVE to make it out it is now in the 80’s with an unbearable humidity.
Today’s album selection is again thanks to my buddy Greg Lonesome, the host of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto on Realpunkradio. He’s a huge Shods fan, and I’m shocked that I had never heard of this great band. They formed in Lowell, MA, in 1993, and produced their first EP just a few days after their formation. Over the next decade, they put out a handful of albums before they were sadly forced to breakup due to guitarist/vocalist Kevin Stevenson’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
Here Come the Shods, their debut, was my pick for the day. Chock full of driving rock ‘n’ roll, it was the perfect motivator to get my ass around the neighborhood. Not that there isn’t a misstep or two on the record. “Igno Sally”, the second track, is sort of a recycled Chili Peppers track that just doesn’t fit their loud, aggressive sound, and the ten-minute “Rip It Out” is about six minutes too long. Otherwise, a wonderful soundtrack to a sweaty, sweaty day.


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