Live Ledge #166: 1994 Again

Not only was last week's tribute to 1994 a lot of fun, there was also quite a few songs that I wasn't able to squeeze into the program. This week I empty the folder of those unused tunes, along with the airing of a handful of request that carry on that same theme. It's definitely a noisier show this time around, highlighted by the likes of Helmet, Shellac, and Jesus Lizard.
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1. American Music Club, It's Your Birthday  
2. Kevin Salem, Lighthouse Keeper  
3. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, That Woman's Got Me Drinking  
4. Frank Black, (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain  
5. Dee Dee Ramone, Chinese Bitch  
6. The Cramps, Let's Get Fucked Up 
7. The Fleshtones, Take A Walk With The Fleshtones  
8. Liquor Giants, Stick Around  
9. Backbeat Band, Money (That's What I Want)  
10. Sugar, Your Favorite Thing  
11. Nova Mob, Shoot Your Way To Freedom  
12. Soul Asylum, Can't Even Tell 
13. The Jesus Lizard, Fly on the Wall  
14. Polvo, City Spirit  
15. Shellac, The Admiral  
16. Helmet, Milquetoast  
17. House Of Large Sizes, Sox On Spot 
18. L7, Questioning My Sanity 
19. Drive Like Jehu, Golden Brown  
20. The Insomniacs, Outta Her Mind  
21. The Meices, Daddy's Gone To California
22. Gas Huffer, Mr. Sudbuster  
23. The Zeros, Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
24. The Pleasure Fuckers, Super Real Fuck  
25. Screeching Weasel, Planet Of The Apes  
26. Bad Religion, Stranger Than Fiction  
27. The Queers, We're A Happy Family  
28. Rancid, Salvation  
29. Weezer, In The Garage  
30. Killdozer, Grandma Smith Said A Curious Thing  
31. The Gories, Nitroglycerine  
32. The Devil Dogs, Burnin' Love  
33. Built to Spill, Big Dipper  
34. Johnny Cash, Delia's Gone 


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