Live Ledge #167: New Releases

The new release episode is always the first Friday of the month. With September lined up to be an extremely busy month, though, I've pushed it up a week. Well, actually a couple of days given that the month begins on Monday.
Tonight's episode features a ton of brand new music by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Benjamin Booker, Ty Segall, and much, much more. It's definitely a great primer for what has been a pretty good summer for garage and roots rock.
Grab this from the usual sources, such as Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. The Artwoods, I'm Looking For A Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots  
2. Lucinda Williams, Burning Bridges
3. Robyn Hitchcock, Somebody To Break Your Heart
4. Cory Branan, The No-Hit Wonder
5. Benjamin Booker, Violent Shiver
6. Sugar Stems, Radio Heartthrob
7. Baby Ghosts, Crash Maybe
8. The Pink Tiles, State Of The Nation
9. The Muffs, Where Did I Go Wrong
10. Sonny, Vincent Part 2 Screw You
11. Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen, Claudette
12. Star Chiefs, Haunt You Honey
13. Dinos Boys, She Cut Me
14. Eureka California, Edith (One Day You'll Live in a Bunker)
15. The Orwells, Let It Burn
16. Twin Peaks, I Found A New Way
17. Gord Downie/The Sadies/The Conquering Sun, Crater
18. Reigning Sound, North Cackalacky Girl
19. Frankie Teardrop, Raiders
20. Wax Witches, Headshave
21. Biters, Saturday Night Cat Fight
22. OBN Ill's, Off The Grid
23. Lebowskis, Radio On
24. The Forty Nineteens, Falling Down
25. Ryan Adams, Change Your Mind
26. Ty Segall, It's Over
27. Street Dogs, We're Still Here
28. The Derellas, Be My Baby
29. The Mutants, Walking Wounded
30. The Boys, I Need You
31. The Dwarves, Trailer Trash
32. The Adolescents, 30 Seconds to Malibu
33. The Darlings, Little Teenage Thing
34. The Number Ones, Sixteen
35. AUSMUTEANTS, No Motivation
36. The Longshots, The Chase
37. The Up All Nights, Sleep Tight Alright


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