Live Ledge #175: Narco States

Every now and then, I discover a great band due to my Argus Leader writing gig. This was one of those weeks, as I was assigned to cover the Narco States show at Total Drag Records. Singer/guitarist Michael Meyer is a former Sioux Falls resident, and we had a great chat about old and new garage rock. Their new album, Wicked Sun, is one of the best releases to come out of Minneapolis in quite some time. If you're a fan of Roky Erickson's legendary psych-rock mixed with punk rock energy, then this is the record for you. You can read my article on the band HERE.
Besides two tracks from that release, I air my interview with Meyer on tonight's show. The rest of the show follows in a similar musical frame, with tons of recently-released garage rock. There's also a segment celebrating realpunkradio's latest free compilation. Swamp Jacuzzi, the show that preceeds Live Ledge at 5 pm CT every Friday night, has just put out a fabulous sampler of the types of bands he plays on his show. In the midst of that set, host Biggie Boutte comes on to talk about not only this release but the concept of his great show. Click HERE for your own copy of this set.
This is one of the best Live Ledge broadcast from quite some time, so grab this from iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. Superchunk, Come Pick Me Up  
2. Narco States, Mass Exodus
3. Narco States, Lost In Time
4. Jeff the Brotherhood, Gouge Away  
5. Ty Segall, Green Belly
6. Meatbodies, Plank
7. Lombego Surfers, Monkey Juice
8. Ex Hex, Beast Rips
9. White Mystery, Dubble Dragon
10. Death Valley Girls, Girlfriend
11. The Pink Tiles, State Of The Nation
12. The Last Blackouts, Outta Site Outta Mind
13. The Great Dismal Swamis, I Wanna Get Ripped
14. Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys, Man's Ruin
15. Nox Boys, Mr. Noone
16. King Tuff, Headbanger
17. Lace Curtain, Saint Vitus
18. Spider Bags, Summer Of '79
19. The Creeps, Cancer Eulogies
20. The Gotobeds, Wasted On Youth/Melted Candle
21. Bleached, For The Feel
22. Useless Eaters, Dungeon
23. The #1s, Anything
24. Dead Strangers, Stella's Gone
25. Terry Malts, Grumpiest Old Men
26. Blind Shake, Dots In The Fog
27. Sonny Vincent and Spite, Dog On the Subway


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