Live Ledge #188: Back From the Grave

To say I was thrilled when I heard that 2015 would see new Back From the Grave releases would be stating the obvious. I've long been a fan of the influential Crypt Records series, and was excited to discover what rare '60's garage rock tracks had been unearthed since the last volume was released in 1996.
The new editions, volumes 9 and 10, live up to the standards of the previous releases. One could even argue they are superior to the others, as technology has obviously come a long way since the original eight versions were put out. Given that these tracks are mastered from surviving 45 copies, having the ability to clean up the muck and scratches is a godsend.
Tonight's episode presents a set for each specific volume, and it's two hours of pure energy. If you're a fan of noisy rock and roll from any era, you should check out not only this show but each of these records. Long out of print, the first eight are in the process of being reissued to go with the two new releases.
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1. The Elite, My Confusion
2. The Alarm Clocks, Yeah
3. The Malibus, Cry
4. The One Way Streets, Jack The Ripper
5. The Swamp Rats, Psycho
6. The Outsiders, Summertime Blues
7. Triumphs, Surfside Date
8. The Novas, The Crusher
9. Lil' Boys Blue, I'm Not There
10. Willie The Wild One, Willie The Wild One
11. Murphy & The Mob, Born Loser
12. The Mods, You've Got Another Thing Comin'
13. Montells, You Can't Make Me
14. Red Beard & The Pirates, Go On Leave
15. Hallmarks, I Know Why
16. Rocky & The Riddlers, Flash And Crash
17. Sloths, Makin' Love
18. Humans, Warning
19. Few, Escape
20. The Jesters Of Newport, Stormy
21. The Henchmen, Livin'
22. The Shames, My World Is Upside Down
23. The Golden Catalinas, Varsity Club Song
24. The Shandels, Caroline
25. The Treytones, Nonymous
26. The Syndicate, The Egyptian Thing
27. The Bends, If It's All The Same To You
28. Mystic Five, Are You for Real Girl?
29. The Spiders, Don't Blow Your Mind
30. The Groop, Alright!
31. Piece Kor, All I Want Is My Baby
32. The Cavedwellers, Run Around
33. The Nightcrawlers, Want Me
34. The Pastels, Circuit Breaker
35. The High Spirits, It's Alright with Me
36. Lord Charles & The Prophets, Ask Me No Questions
37. The Gentlemen, It's a Cryin' Shame
38. James Bond and the Agents, Wild Angel
39. John English III and the Heathens, I Need You Near
40. The Orphans, Without You
41. The Hard Times, Mr. Rolling Stone


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