Live Ledge #191: More Three In a Row

Last night, a record store saved my online life. Yes, I was a victim of identity theft, and it was thanks to a declined purchase at my friend's store that I discovered the issue. The situation became more scary when I discover who ripped me off. You'll have to listen to tonight's show to hear the whole story.
Otherwise, it's a continuation of last week's show. We all have albums that feature three classic songs in a row. Tonight is the second part of a planned three shows consisting of nothing but those types of albums. With many thanks to my Facebook and twitter friends, especially Jim Connolly, I have more than enough possibilities to fill three shows.
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1. David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself
2. David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust
3. David Bowie, Suffragette City
4. The Patti Smith Group, Frederick
5. The Patti Smith Group, Dancing Barefoot
6. The Patti Smith Group, So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star
7. The Smiths, Still Ill
8. The Smiths, Hand In Glove
9. The Smiths, What Difference Does It Make?
10. Cheap Trick, Clock Strikes Ten
11. Cheap Trick, Southern Girls
12. Cheap Trick, Come On Come On
13. The Soft Boys, I Wanna Destroy You
14. The Soft Boys, Kingdom of Love
15. The Soft Boys, Positive Vibrations
16. Pixies, Debaser
17. Pixies, Tame
18. Pixies, Wave Of Mutilation
19. Uncle Tupelo, Graveyard Shift
20. Uncle Tupelo, That Year
21. Uncle Tupelo, Before I Break
22. The Replacements, I.O.U.
23. The Replacements, Alex Chilton
24. The Replacements, I Don't Know
25. Sugar, The Act We Act
26. Sugar, A Good Idea
27. Sugar, Changes
28. The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Little Underground
29. The Jesus & Mary Chain, You Trip Me Up
30. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Something's Wrong


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