Live Ledge #192: Trio In a Row

For the third straight week, this episode consists of nothing but three-song segments of classic albums. Aided by ideas submitted by friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter, this is one of those rare examples of a sequel equaling or exceeding the previous versions. Thanks so much to everybody that helped out, and look for similar shows later this year.
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1. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Discovering Japan
2. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Local Girls
3. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Nobody Hurts You
4. The Replacements, Left Of The Dial
5. The Replacements, Little Mascara
6. The Replacements, Here Comes A Regular
7. Bash & Pop, Never Aim To Please
8. Bash & Pop, Hang Ups
9. Bash & Pop, Loose Ends
10. The Buzzcocks, Money
11. The Buzzcocks, Hollow Inside
12. The Buzzcocks, A Different Kind Of Tension
13. The Lemonheads, Don't Tell Yourself
14. The Lemonheads, Uhhh
15. The Lemonheads, Fed Up
16. Superchunk, Hyper Enough
17. Superchunk, Silverleaf And Snowy Tears
18. Superchunk, Yeah It's Beautiful Here Too
19. Social Distortion, Sick Boys
20. Social Distortion, Ring Of Fire
21. Social Distortion, Ball And Chain
22. The Stooges, Search And Destroy
23. The Stooges, Gimme Danger
24. The Stooges, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
25. Sex Pistols, Holidays In The Sun
26. Sex Pistols, Bodies
27. Sex Pistols, No Feelings


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