Live Ledge #205: New Releases

As always, the first show of the month highlights nothing but new releases. Tonight's broadcasts includes exciting new tracks by Fidlar, Wilco, Titus Andronicus, and so much more. Grab it from the usual sources, or...


1. Yo La Tengo, Friday I'm In Love
2. Wilco, Random Name Generator
3. Wilco, The Joke Explained
4. Eleventh Dream Day, Vanishing Point
5. The Good Life, Holy Shit
6. FIDLAR, 40oz On Repeat
7. Jaill, Just a Lovely Day
8. Matthew Melton, Images On the Sand
9. Jeff The Brotherhood, A Dog
10. Colleen Green, Hellraiser
11. Titus Andronicus, No Future Part IV-No Future Triumphant
12. Titus Andronicus, Stranded (On My Own)
13. Titus Andronicus, I Lost My Mind  
14. Titus Andronicus, Mr. E. Mann
15. Baby Shakes, She's a Star
16. Baby Shakes, All the Pretty Things
17. Negative Scanner, Ivy League
18. La Luz, I Wanna be Alone (With You)
19. Charge 69, Uniform (with Campino From Die Toten Hosen)
20. Charge 69, Phoney Paradise (with Tv Smith From The Adverts)
21. Charge 69, These Chains (with Matt Dangerfield From The Boys)
22. Charge 69, Rock Star Attitude (with Beki Bondage From Vice Squad)
23. Barry & Life, Top-Less Girl
24. Gaylan Ladd, Her Loving Way
25. Argyles, Farmer John
26. The Pirates, Mona/Who Do You Love
27. Biters, 1973
28. Biters, The Kids Aint Alright
29. The Villenettes, Blood on the Table
30. Deaf Wish, They Know
31. Combomatix, My Family
32. Thee Reetards, I'm So Gone
33. Los Reatardos, Nightmares
34. The Memories, Don't Be a Drag


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