Live Ledge #207: The Good Life

Last Friday, The Good Life released their first album in over seven years. Everybody's Coming Down is one of the year's most anticipated albums, and the band featured the majority of the record in their Sioux Falls appearance earlier this week. To promote the show, leader Tim Kasher (also of Cursive) chatted with me about the band's hiatus, the new record, and the demands of leading two bands.

Along with this interview, tonight's show features nothing but tracks from vinyl purchases of the last few months. While the majority of tracks are of the "new release" variety, there's also a couple of used vinyl finds, and selections from the recently-released box set of Twin Tone-era albums from The Replacements.

Grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. The Rolling Stones, Sway
2. The Good Life, Everybody
2. The Good Life, Ad Nausea
4. The Replacements, I'm In Trouble
5. The Replacements, Go
6. The Replacements, Hayday
7. The Replacements, Favorite Thing
8. Traumahelikopter, Last Night I Dreamed I Killed Myself
9. Part Time, I Saw Her Standing There
10. The Resonars, Tomorrow's Gears
11. Tomorrow's Tulips, surplus store
12. Desaparecidos, The Left Is Right
13. Ryan Adams, Cop City
14. Michael Rault, All Alone (On My Own)
15. The Forty Nineteens, Falling Down
16. The Forty Nineteens, Modern Romance
17. Jaill, Got an F
18. Warm Soda, I Wanna Know Her
19. Thee Oh Sees, Web
20. White Reaper, Make Me Wanna Die
21. Guantanamo Baywatch, Jungle Bride
22. Negative Scanner, Criticism
23. France Camp, Memory
24. Superchunk, Hello Hawk
25. Lost Sounds, Better Than Something
26. Jay Reatard, Such A Shame
27. Suburbs, Cigarette In Backwards


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