Live Ledge #206: Rock Goddesses

As a male, it's hard to describe this show. The last thing I want is to sound condescending, or be accused of "mansplaining". So let's just be accurate. Tonight's show consists of nothing but female-led rock and roll, and the main reason for putting this together is simply because a majority of the freshest sounds of the last couple of years have come from female artists. So please don't think of tonight's show as a segregated collection of music. It's just some great music that has been released in the last couple of years (with the exception of a couple of reissues).
So grab this show in iTunes, stream it via stitcher, or...


1. Lucinda Williams, Partners In Crime
2. Lydia Loveless, Boy Crazy
3. Lydia Loveless, Steve Earle
4. The Girls!, Elena  
5. The Girls!, Get Out Of My Dreams
6. Colleen Green, TV
7. The Aquadolls, Tweeker Kidz
8. Angel Olsen, Forgiven/Forgotten
9. Courtney Barnett, Elevator Operator
10. The Coathangers, Springfield Cannonball
11. AUSMUTEANTS, Pissing In Two Streams
12. The Muffs, Not Like Me (4-Track Demo)
13. The Muffs, Paint By Numbers
14. The's, 19th Nervous Breakdown
15. Shonen Knife, Dance to the Rock
16. Peach Kelli Pop, Shampoo
17. La Luz, I Wanna be Alone (With You)
18. Baby Ghosts, Ghost Boyfriend
19. Baby Shakes, Teenage Cloud
20. Go Betty Go, By Your Side
21. Cocktail Slippers, Shame On Me
22. The Villenettes, Gravedigger
23. Dead Moon, 13 going on 21
24. Perfect Pussy, Big Stars
25. Sugar Stems, I Know Where I'm Going
26. Summer Cannibals, All It Takes
27. Habibi, I Got The Moves
28. Soko, Who Wears the Pants??
29. Ex Hex, Waste Your Time
30. Sleater Kinney, No Anthems
31. Veruca Salt, Laughing in the Sugar Bowl
32. Le Butcherettes, Your Weakness Gives Me Life
33. The Runaways, Cherry Bomb


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