Live Ledge #231: New Releases

As I do with the first show of every month, tonight's broadcasts consists of nothing but new releases. Well, technically I should call this a "new finds" show, as some of the material does date back to 2015. There may even be a song or two from 2014.
This is because I've recently found myself enamored with some previously unknown-to-me indie labels, primarily Randy Records and Slovenly Records. Both labels specialize in various forms of garage rock, although Slovenly is a bit noisier than Randy. A good portion of the second half of the show comes from these two labels, including songs by the likes of Bazooka, Spike and the Sweet Spots, The Yolks, Wet Ones, and Choke Chains.
The rest of the show veers in and out of various types of music, from the classic country of Loretta Lynn's new album to Craig Finn and Titus Andronicus covering each other's songs titled "No Future". There's a sneak peak at the upcoming Bob Mould album, and today saw the long-awaited comeback of the Violent Femmes.
As always, grab this from Stitcher or iTunes, or...

1. Greg Dulli, Modern Love 
2. The I Don't Cares, Love Out Loud  
3. The I Don't Cares, Done Done Done 
4. Titus Andronicus, No Future (Craig Finn)  
5. Craig Finn, No Future (Titus Andronicus)  
6. Bob Mould, Voices In My Head  
7. Loretta Lynn, Everything it Takes (feat. Elvis Costello) 
8. Loretta Lynn, In the Pines 
9. Margo Price, Hurtin' (On The Bottle)  
10. Thee Headcoats, He's So Popular With The Girls  
11. Thee Headcoats, Every Bit Of Me 
12. Thee Attacks, On the Move 
13. Thee Attacks, Rip My Heart Out  
14. Violent Femmes, Traveling Solves Everything  
15. Violent Femmes, Memory  
16. Kurt Baker, High Fidelity  
17. Robert Pollard, My Daughter Yes She Knows 
18. Yoko and the Oh No's, She Knows It 
19. Yuck, Cannonball  
20. Wild Nothing, Japanese Alice  
21. Sheer Mag, Can't Stop Fighting It 
22. The Yolks, There She Goes 
23. Spike and the Sweet Spots, Pulling Us Away 
24. Pizza Time, Solo Tu  
25. The Lemons, Chubby Checker 
26. Bazooka, Achristi Genia 
27. Bazooka, Othoni  
28. Scraper, Panic 
29. Wet Ones, Waaah Waaah Waaah 
30. Choke Chains, Moisture Technician 
31. The Dirty Nil, Friends In The Sky  
32. Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks, Boy In A Bubble  
33. Pronto, Animal  
34. Ravi Shavi, Bloody Opus  
35. Dyke Drama, The Thing I Do Best 
36. Helta Skelta, Want You 
37. Torpedohead, Get off my back 


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