Live Ledge #234: Minneapolis

Although there probably is a show dedicated to Minneapolis somewhere in the Ledge archives, it has to pale in comparison to tonight's show. With the help of my friends on Facebook and Twitter, tonight's marathon 2 1/2 hour broadcast captures not only the known legends of the Minneapolis scene but a lot of forgotten greats that should have received more notoriety during their short time.
Sure, there are expected spots for the Replacements, Soul Asylum, Husker Du, and others, but I remember how much I loved those albums by the likes of the Flamin' Oh's, The Ticks, Loose Rails, and The Phones.
Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The Replacements, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
2. The Litter, Action Woman
3. The Hypstrz, Hold On
4. The Suicide Commandos, Attacking the Beat
5. Curtiss A, It Was Heaven / Almost Magic
6. The Flamin' Oh's, I Remember Romance
7. Johnny Rey and The Reaction, The New Way
8. The 27 Various, Yes Indeed
9. Crash Street Kids, Little Girls
10. Mighty Mofos, I need you
11. Otto's Chemical Lounge, Fire
12. The Phones, Back In Time
13. Suburbs, Cig Machine
14. Hüsker Dü, Statues Amusement EP 1980 4:26 S 0
15. Soul Asylum, Veil Of Tears
16. The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version)
17. Blue Hippos, When A Punk Becomes A
18. Baby Astronauts, Tricycle Hell
19. Run Westy Run, Bad Guys
20. Rifle Sport, Correctional Facility
21. Man Sized Action, Who's Kiddin' Who
22. The Jayhawks, Sioux City
23. The Honeydogs, Your Blue Door
24. Rank Strangers, St. Paul
25. Howler, Back To The Grave
26. Polara, Game Over
27. Magnolias, Beat Skip Jump & Wink
28. God's Favorite Band, Cut Bait
29. Dillinger Four, Doublewhiskeycokenoice
30. Cows, Two Little Pigs
31. The Contras, Wifebeater
32. The Ticks, Waiting On You
33. Loose Rails, Tell Me Now
34. Lifter Puller, To Live and Die In LBI
35. The Violent Shifters, Badman
36. Babes In Toyland, Sweet '69
37. Zuzu's Petals, Do Not
38. Bruise Violet, Sketchy Jeff
39. Awesome Snakes, Awesome Snacks
40. The Soviettes, Twin Cities Sound
41. L'Assassins, Blood on the Sheets
42. Now Now, Thread
43. Fury Things, Mersault
44. Blind Shake, Dots In The Fog


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